lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010


Dear Friends, on Wednesday 22/09/1910 will launch the Inter Club Domino "Christmas Cup", of course I wish every success to eighteen (18) participating teams. Note that in this "Christmas Cup" repeat the pattern of rotation type Polla, ie none of the participating Clubs may repeat pairs during the day time because the competition is totally individual, playing every night (25) games to 100 points each, ie the clubs will play in five tables and the club that wins 13 or more will win the day Day.

In this regard, I will repeat what I've been saying over the years on this type of individual competition, as it certainly has its inconsistencies, since it negates the definition of "Natural Partners", which defines play with the I better understand my teammates, many people argue that it is the best way to balance the Clubs, as couples are very strong in some of these, I insist that even down is not right, we should always match up, if it is true that couples are extremely strong, well it is lovely Domino measured against these opponents and defeat them, because we all like to play always with the best, that's what gives the Domino poster also we create categories, Finally there are ways of understanding the matter, the truth is to be played in the form of rotation and definitely there will always be strong during the event couples, but may only play once a night or Day.

Also I must comment that a "Commission for Admission" for this event, which regulate the participation of Members of the Event, this initiative aims to defy the players rated flagship Capitalino Domino, giving delegates the power to the equipment participants to raise objections to the players they deem inappropriate on the participation of this contest, the idea seemed a good principle to apply, but it's really delicate, since it could be reversed in a "witch hunt", the truth of the matter is Delegate that no one objected in writing to, Hall just rumors, but nothing formal, so the "Admissions Committee" issued a general amnesty as being a test pilot for the next events also strongly recommended to the delegates as possible discipline to his players equipment in order to avoid major problems.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, so called this. Until the next installment.

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