viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

Today may 24 came to 67 years of age happy birthday.

Dear friends, today may 24 came at the age of 67, the needles are still walking and God thank you not stopped the clock, it is easy to say I am 67 years old, but you really have to go way to reach this age, I take this opportunity to thank all the readers of this Blog, for all of us, which already dates back to 07 years, which we all share, which has walked by 132 countries around the world, where we are always kept informed of everything that happened in the Domino Venezuelan and international Domino.

I want to say I am extremely happy to enjoy this new anniversary with family and friends especially with all that motivated me in a way or another to dabble in something wonderful such as "Write a book of DOMINO", my wife, my children, my beloved brethren, where in addition to leave written many of my experiences, convey to all without exception a series of "Updated concepts" of this wonderful sport of the mind, which is updated daily as any other sports of high competition, in the end there are so many new elements of judge ment "Concepts" daily updated in Domino, which I've been obliged to describe them in a "book", and start preparing the second, devoting chapters to each of these themes, reasoning them and supporting them properly so that there is not any doubt in this respect, in addition to that observe and keep in mind the new techniques of the modern dominoes, which will allow them to improve the level and the potential of each one of you. As first I will say that my next book will be called "The DOMINO square", I decided to title it that way, since our beloved sport on four sides equal (a square), where the weight is intertwined with each of their sides, while keeping the same balance and degree of responsibility, i.e., each side must play its corresponding role summary and all are United and linked Since it is not conceived otherwise, well already enjoy it and know that they will share with me all your content as well as the name of the same.

Always used to say thank you, I really am a grateful person, but this time will initiate my thanks, dedicated to all the dear friends who are no longer, that they were early, that they are surely playing into the sky, thanks to all of them, by the kindness that I always showed in life, for his invaluable contributions in all aspects and all the senses Thank you friends, will always occupy a place in my heart and in my feelings.

Also take advantage of this occasion to publicly acknowledge and thank him extraordinary friends such as: Professor EFRAIN VELASQUEZ RAMOS, President of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" and a team of friends accompanying him, Don LUCAS GUITTARD, President of the International Federation of Domino "FID", Dr. JOEL MARIN President of the Committee of applications of the Organization "YMCA", and the team that accompanies itwho unanimously awarded me one Awards most beautiful that can receive in life "Sport YMCA 2013 citizen", to the Lords MANUEL OQUENDO President Domino USA. Org, Mr. RONALDO AGUIAR, President of the Confederation of Brazilian of Domino, who have adopted my first Domino book entitled "The Domino a disruptive but as we like game", as an example of education and improvement in the practice of this discipline, which day after day captivates us more and more, but above all to so many people and friends that bought my book, thank you thank you respected and dear friends for this great distinction to have all of you.

Also grateful to the leaders of the State associations of Domino, who shared with me as high distinction received from the hands of the next organization of young Christians "YMCA", fact happened in the month of November of the year past, I designate where and charge as "citizen of the sport YMCA the year 2013", in this regard will repeat the same comment that made the social media (radio and television): I just went the pole, which gave the jump CLEANLY was our loved sport the DOMINO, finally appreciate my dear athletes and especially to my students, that motivate me day after day, to continue my research work about this wonderful sport of the mind called "Dominoes".

Again I wanted to leave these reflections in this day of my Birthday, simply because I feel the need to do so:

·        Age is a number, maturity is an option. I reach age 67 happy, with big and beautiful friends.              

•     When we don't defend our rights lose dignity and dignity is not negotiable.

·        Life is ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is and the absence to rating you presence.

·        The problem is that people know little, but speaks a lot.

·        Do not keep resentment, but I have memory.

·        I never expect anything from anyone, because it is better to be surprised that disappointed.

·        Thank you God because I breathe, walk, I see, speak and give me one more day of life.

·        Interesting is to raise awareness that I have 67 years of age, in short, less time to live that lived so far.

·        Life has taught me that we must never lose the opportunity to remain silent, since we are slaves of what we say and owners that remain silent.

·        We must always try to be part of the solution, never the problem.

·        Help to those who need us, support to entrepreneurs, have faith in the intellectual effort and on the manual effort.

·        I like to be beside the people you know to laugh and knows to cry, that not run away from their responsibilities, really are the true builders and makers of life, are those who day after day humanize our essence.

·        To shine in what we do, must not destroy which is opposite and much less to belittle their physical and mental qualities.

·        The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and dare to take the risk to live their dreams.
·        Each live that has their talents people !!!

·        All without exception are imperfect, only one more than others

·        I want to continue living among very human human people, where we meet in a constructive way, where we can see us face without lowering the gaze.

·        No one comes to Ti by chance... Every encounter is a project of Dios.

I don't want to make this article more extensive but I am so so sorry and so wish "Happy birthday WILLIAM" and God will allow as many more, to continue discussing them to you my friends, concepts, news and anecdotes of the Domino Venezuelan and international. In order to receive all warm greetings and thanks to those beautiful friends that are always present in the difficult moments, where all without exception have gone and will continue to face daily.

"Photography: the citizen Sports Award reception YMCA" 2013, with my wife Carmen, my sons Jose Guillermo and Ricardo Jesus, fact happened in the Club Campestre farmhouses on November 06, the year 2013 in Caracas - Venezuela.

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