miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

THE DOMINO - Golden Rules for Practitioners of this Wonderful Game of Mind - English Version

Dear Friends, this time we discuss about what is happening daily in the Venezuelan Domino, every day I am more convinced of the absence of concepts of the practitioners of this wonderful game of mind, often observed quantity but very low quality, I still see hands and run without any concept not clearly defined the Golden Rules of Domino, such as:

When should stick with the failure (four cases), the Foot Table (Table of Deceit), When a Letter Repeat play Initially (Operation Saw), the output doubled and Departure hair, mixed output, the pursued and Death of a Twin, The Method of Information, the renewal of a Hand, Beating the card played by the hand, the player "D" responsible for the conduct of the Hand. The player seated to the right of Salidor.

Finally I briefly summarize the "Golden Rule" Domino, there may be others, but I firmly believe that these are the most valid and the most common and above all they should be perfectly clear in the Domino Players. Until the next installment, where we will be remembering each of them.

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