martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

International Domino / Domino World Championship VIII of the "FID" Team and Individual / September 2011.

Dear Friends, are already planted and developed the groundwork for what will be the VIII World Domino Championship Team and Individual, organized by the International Federation of domino FID. The following quote describing the note let me have my dear friend Mr. Lucas Guittard.

The president of Abkhazia, Mr. Sergei Bagapsh, received in Caracas the President of IDF, Don Lucas Guittard.

On the occasion of his first official visit to Venezuela, His Excellency the President of Abkhazia, Sergei Bagapsh Mr., accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Maxim Gundjia and the Head of Mission in Caracas, Mr. Zaur Gvadzhava, warmly received the President of The International Domino Federation (IDF), Don Lucas Guittard, at a reception held in the salons of the Hotel Gran Meliá Caracas, with the introduction of Assembly Caucasus, who made beautiful and colorful folk dances of Abkhazia, one of the most oldest in the region of Caucasus, whose independence was declared in July 1992.

To the great satisfaction of Domino Face and international competitiveness, the President of Abkhazia, in an important and beautiful gesture, expressed its fullest cooperation and support in celebrating the World Domino Championship VIII OF THE FID / TEAM and INDIVIDUAL, to be held in the last week of September 2011 in the beautiful capital of Sujum, compared to the Black Sea, in moments of splendor in Sport International Domino, whose culture, essence and passion is at the heart of the noble people of Abkhazia. Thank you, Mr. President Sergei Bagapsh ..!

This stunning and momentous global event will be chaired by the President of the FEDERATION REPUBLIC OF DOMINO Abkhazia, Mr. Artur Gabuniya and President of the International Domino Federation (IDF), Don Lucas Guittard, Board and member countries of IDF with full support of the diplomatic and sporting events in Abkhazia, which declared the Domino status of sport.

On Sunday September 5, 2010, will depart from Caracas, as special guests by the government and sports authorities of the Republic of Abkhazia: Mr. Manuel Oquendo, president of USA Domino Federation and treasurer of the IDF, Prof. Efraín Velásquez , president of the Venezuelan Federation of DOMINO and member of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee and Don Lucas Guittard, president of the FID, returning from Sujum to Caracas, Saturday, September 11, 2010, in order to structure a strong foundation in program implementation dominocístico ABKHAZIA – FID.

It should be recalled, the outstanding career of the president of Domino Federation ABKHAZIA, Mr. Artur Gabuniya, since 2006, in the city of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, during the World Domino Championship IV OF THE FID / FOR COUPLES chaired by Don Lucas Guittard and the president of the Venezuelan Federation of DOMINO, Dr. Sergio Corrente and Vice-President of the FVD, Prof. Efraín Velásquez, with the assistance of the countries assigned to the IDF, and whose presence from 2006 until today, both in the General Assemblies of the IDF, as well as with athletes in international competitions Abkhazia, extolling the sporty image of the Republic of Abkhazia is an excellent example of dedication and commitment to the Sport Domino. Artur Congratulations ..! Until the next installment.

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