miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Concentration Results Athletes / New National Team of Venezuela dominated the 1st. Half of 2011.

Dear Friends, I have the pleasure to announce the results for the concentration of Domino Venezuelan athletes, conducted during the days 01, 02 and 03 April at the Naval Hotel Playa Grande is located in the Central Coast, this concentration of the Pre National Team would like home to NATIONAL TEAM OF VENEZUELA. Were called to the concentration, the top 20 athletes of both sexes who arrived in 2010 in the National Ranking, Day had written tests simple selection (56) and 6 questions of development, later in the day: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, would clash competition of all against all, ie, nineteen games (19) in both sexes, the points made in the concentration would be added to the "Schedule" for each athlete achieved during 2010, Circuit as a result of the Venezuelan Federation Federated Domino. Obviously those in the first National Ranking positions had the natural advantage for their points earned during the year 2010, but could happen happened, athletes who were in secondary positions, took the forefront of the competition and that were at the top simply could not keep up, this gave rise to a completely clean, without benefits, competitive (19) meetings held, Civic and honorable to the new Venezuela National Team for the 1st. Half of 2011.

Venezuela National Team in Women:

1er. Puesto: Yolimar Guevara / Estado Miranda. 2do. Puesto: Lucymar Gamboa Moya / Estado Miranda. 3er. Puesto: Flor Lozada / Estado Miranda. 4to. Puesto: Liris Pérez Rodríguez / Estado Miranda. 5to. Puesto: Dulce Ruiz García / Estado Miranda. 6to. Puesto: Jasmín Josefina Mijares / Estado Anzoátegui.

Venezuela National Team in Men:

1er. Puesto: Wilmer Prada / Estado Miranda. 2do. Puesto: Alonso José Rodríguez / Estado Miranda. 3er. Puesto: Alexander Cordero / Estado Miranda. 4to. Puesto: José Rafael Hernández / Estado Aragua. 5to. Puesto: Francisco Oyarzábal / Estado Miranda. 6to. Puesto: Ramón Suárez Arias / Estado Cojedes.

My sincere congratulations to the new members of the National Team of Venezuela, with faith and hope that this year will reach podium again, showing the high competitiveness of the Venezuelan team in both female and Male.

All athletes that make up our national team today, I remind you to be observed due respect and good behavior in the upcoming National and International Competitions, showing with pride to have won this distinction. For the athletes who arrived in the Workplace, from 07 to 12 inclusive, we will again in the 2nd. Athletes concentration of 2011, where they can compete and win the job of representing our country, as national team at the World Championships to be held in Abkhazia in the City of Sujum. Finally I take this opportunity to embrace and congratulate especially my Friends and Partners of The Inter Club Domino League of Greater Caracas: FLOR LOZADA, WILMER PRADA, ALEXANDER CORDERO AND FRANCISCO OYARZABAL, the distinction reached during the historic journey as no doubt it was the 1st. Domino concentration Venezuelan athletes. Until the next installment.

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