sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Invitation to the National Games / Olympic and Non Olympic Sports

With great pride and satisfaction I inform the community Sports and especially Venezuela's Family Dominocistas, on the Meeting on Friday 08/04/1911 sostuviéramos with the Deputy Minister of Sport Performance of the Ministry of Popular Power for the Sport, Professor Yuri Alejandro Quiñones Leones.

The Meeting was attended by staff and members of Federation of different disciplines, informing us that by express provision of the Ministry, was given officially to accommodate Olympic and non Olympic sports in the upcoming "National Games" to be held in December 2011.

No doubt the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" feels great pleasure and pride in joining for the second time in their history about the National Games. Athletes who practice this beautiful game of Mind called "Domino", which is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports disciplines for excellence in our country, we are proud, full of desires and our best intentions, to be accommodated again in the National Games activity beautiful asleep in a stupor about 4 years, again to rescue Olympic and non Olympic honors, dignified and proud of our athletes, coaches, our Federations and thus the Ministry of Popular Power for Sport, so we give our most sincere words of praise and thanksgiving to motivate something so dignified and full of so much splendor as it is seen again Tricolor next to our homeland, the colors and symbols of our beloved states that make up the length and breadth of the geography of our beloved Venezuela.

Of course, the great family of the Venezuelan Federation Dominocistas Domino FVD ", is honored and no doubt exhausted every effort to give the best of the colorful and enthusiasm, in what will be one of the most beautiful goals of Sport any of its National Olympic and non Olympic disciplines, giving a real world example for the organization where you can see young adults and our dear Friends of the Elderly in both sexes, competing in disciplines that only in this way (non-Olympic sports) could play and practice with this decision, National Sport dignified final. Until the next installment

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