lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Bright participation of Venezuela in the IX World Domino Championship Pairs and Individual - Costa Rica 2011

Dear Friends, I am humbled as well proud to comment for you, the wonderful participation of Venezuela in Costa Rica World Domino 2011.

I dare say I no doubt that the Venezuelan delegation was one of the best entries in all time, earning the Merit Awards and has then stated::

Certainly I dare to say, as the Venezuelan Delegation, was the best all-time participation because he managed to get the Merits and Awards has pointed out below:

World Championship Match:

Silver and Bronze Medals.
Jose Rafael Hernandez - Alexander Lamb.
Oyarzábal Francisco - Alonso Rodriguez.

World Championship Individual:

Gold and Bronze Medals.
Roberto Buraye
Luis Alberto Marquina.

Best Women's Participation in pairs.
Lucymar Gamboa - Yolimar Guevara.

My warmest congratulations to this distinguished group of Venezuelan athletes, flying the Tricolor homeland in the Podium San Jose, Costa Rica, during the World Domino Championship IX Cosa Rica 2011, bravo for each one of you.

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