lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Dominó proclaiming Spain Jerez de la Frontera based World Championship, 2013

Dear Friends: The following quote, Domino International Briefing Note, which I received from my dear and beloved friend Don Lucas Guittard, president of the International Federation of domino "FID":

Jerez will bring together more than 500 players from 25 countries around the world in most international sport competition.

The president of the International Domino Federation, Lucas Guittard, visiting the city these days, announced in Jerez Spain returns to host the World Domino organization.

Jerez, June 22, 2011. Members of the General Assembly of the International Domino Federation (IDF) meeting in Costa Rica, have unanimously declared the nomination by Spain to the city of Jerez de la Frontera is the home of World Domino Championship next year 2013, as announced today at Jerez the president of the International Federation, Lucas Guittard.

Jerez will host well over 500 players from 25 countries around the world in the largest international event of this popular sport to be held in the Individual and dual-mode couples through national teams consist of couples. Jerez City Council hopes that this event involves a more sobering for the international promotion of the city, proving once again as a quality destination for tourism prepared for major events, conferences and incentives.

Leading a delegation of the organizing committee of the World, headed by the president of the International Domino Federation, Lucas Guittard, is this week visiting Jerez for a round of meetings and institutional survey of logistics and facilities that will accommodate the championship in two years. Accompanying Guittard, among others, general secretary of the Federation, Julio Buitrago, president of the Venezuelan Federation, Efrain Vasquez, Pedro Ruiz, president of the Cadiz Domino (AGD) and delegate of the Spanish Federation, whose role has been instrumental in defending the Spanish candidacy, represented by Jerez, in front of the Assembly held in Costa Rica FID days ago.

Members of the Evaluation Commission of the International Domino Federation have assessed the merits of the nomination by the Spanish Federation, highlighting the excellent communications and transport infrastructure of Jerez and its environment (airport, seaport, highways, AVE etc..), the adequacy of its facilities and its powerful range of hotels. Special mention also has earned the designation of Jerez to host the World XI dominated their known cultural and leisure attractions (wineries, horses, flamenco, etc..) That will establish a consistent program of activities at the event.

Members of the delegation said today was "very satisfied" on a visit to Jerez, and are convinced that "this city will be a great venue for this eleventh world championship." With the World Cup in Jerez, the most important international championship Domino returns to Spain since the 2004 will be held in Barcelona, and is also the first time in several years held in Europe. Recent venues chosen to host this important event were Jamaica, which will celebrate next year, as well as Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) and Russia (St. Petersburg) among others.

The president of the International Federation, Lucas Guittard, said today in Jerez, "We are very pleased with the appointment of Jerez and Spain, a country with a great tradition of the sport," and highlighted the additional motivation in sports that Spain may at their own World Cup win back the title won in 2009 in St. Petersburg, besides the fact that "will be the first time a world championship is played in the individual female." Guittard wanted to emphasize further the collaboration of the Spanish Federation president Daniel Bascuñana Domino and the Andalusian Federation, headed by Manuel Rodriguez.

The delegate of the Spanish Federation, Pedro Ruiz, has anticipated this World Championship "will be a success for Spain, Andalusia and Jerez," and thanked the "support" they have given the Spanish and Andalusian federation in defending the candidacy of Jerez, as well as "confidence they have in the proposal that I had to defend in the Assembly."

Dominoes arose more than three thousand years, from dice games. In its present form was introduced to Europe by Marco Polo who brought the game of his famous trip to Asia. Introduced by Spain in South America, the sport has made over the years quite popular in Spanish speaking countries, particularly in nations around the Hispanic Caribbean (Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama and Nicaragua, among others), some of which has been named national sport. El Gallo Azul Photography, one of the most emblematic buildings of the City's Historic Center. Until the next installment.

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