viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

National Mixed Pairs Tournament - Puerto Ordaz State Bolívar 2011

Dear Friends, as planned on Saturday 16/07/11 in the city of Puerto Ordaz Bolivar State, there will be one of the most beautiful Calendar Tournaments Domino Federated Venezuela, as it is undoubtedly the "National Tournament Mixed Pairs, "which according to opinion polls that have been doing, going to set standards in the Venezuelan Domino as participants exceed the total of 2010 which stood at a total of 162 couples, this assertion based on the enthusiasm I observed so far at all levels once again be as welcome evidence that the participation of Venezuelan women in this wonderful game of mind is totally a fact and a pleasant reality.

I also happily noted that this event will have a clear vision of what will be "The Joint National Tournament Team," including first test at the Circuit Federated in 2011 of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD". This beautiful reality or we have been asking over the years and finally gained acceptance and approval by the Assembly of Delegates is scheduled for August 20, 2011, from now I guarantee you that these two tests Mixed give rise not only to the expected success, but also will go down in history as Domino "Domino Classic Venezolano".
Bridge over the Orinoco River is the origin of his name "Orinoco." Until the next installment.

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