sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

National Championship Team / City of Puerto La Cruz

In the beautiful city of Puerto La Cruz Anzoátegui State, Capital Sotillo Municipality, Eastern singing Venezuelan Palms on Saturday 01/10/11 festive attire Athletes receiving Venezuelan Domino, and that day will be held on penultimate event of 2011 applies to the national ranking for the circuit states of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", "National Championship Team Female and Male".

The city of Puerto La Cruz, cradle of great heroes of our independence, who gave their lives for our beloved Venezuela, as no doubt they were among others: General Jose Antonio Anzoategui, Diego Bautista Urbaneja, José Gregorio Monagas (Libertador of slaves in Venezuela), Fernando Peñalver (First Governor of the Province of Carabobo), Juan Antonio Sotillo, Pedro Carujo (Military, journalist and one of the Heads of the Revolution of Reform), besides being a city where our beloved eyes saw that shaped our remembered Indigenous Tribes and Chiefs of Venezuela, as was the Cacique Naiguatá: Age of Caribbean family and exercised dominion along the coastal area of the river started Anare Anzoatiguenses to the shores of what is today Puerto la Cruz.

Besides being a very beautiful Coastal City is shared with Sucre State Park Mochima National Refinery has Petroleos de Venezuela "PDVSA" most important in eastern Venezuela, economic development is mainly based on oil extraction activities, refining and agriculture. However, industries have been installed as the automotive, construction materials, petroleum products, agribusiness, and on the other hand have developed tourism, fisheries, trade and finance in high demand. In addition to the natural charm of its beautiful beaches and palm trees, is a city that works closely with the urban growth of the Northeast Region.

Good Friends, 28/09/11 until Wednesday at midnight (12m.), Domino State Authority Associations have the opportunity to register their athletes, as the Registration will close at that time, which will include a Competencies Circuit at odds over the Venezuelan Federation Federated Domino, the Team Competition will be played under the same system to be implemented in the "World Domino Championship VIII Team," ie, pairs that make up each team will play rotated with each of his companions, new method applied by the International Domino Federation "FID" in team events. Until the next installment. Photo Pier Plaza Mayor in the city of Puerto La Cruz. Until the next installment

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