viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Message for new year's Eve - Already Arrived December, Already can be seen the Cross

Dear friends with a tradition that dates from 48 years ago, again in our beloved Cerro Ávila shines for all the Caracas "La Cruz de el Ávila", marking the arrival of the month of December and the early advent of "Child Jesus", this is the beautiful way to give formal start of the Christmas in the Capital City.

Again remember from this column to Dr. OSCAR MACHADO ZULOAGA that God takes his glory, one of the most fervent pioneers, enthusiast and admirer of this beautiful tradition, I remember when we spend hours rehearsing with the Coral of the electricity of Caracas, to sing in the lighting of the "cross of el Ávila", the Aguinaldo "Cross of el ÁVILA," custom that quickly tied the lighting of the "tree of Chacao" where traditionally gave home to the festivities Christmas of what was to that time the great family of the C.A. LA ELECTRICIDAD DE CARACAS.

The cross of el Ávila became the symbol of the Christmas the great Caracas, filled with hope for children, women and men of thousands of homes.

Looking at what has happened during these early December days, we find as repeats history, where the nature strikes our people unleashing unimaginable rain leaving any number of victims to the length and breadth of the national territory, filling our homes, as well as incalculable material losses, damage to infrastructure in our homes and roads in mourning total disaster finally reaching really considered situations of disaster.

United to this Natural holiday, misfortune many of us have our children abroad, since they have had to make their way looking for new frontiers, leaving his pleasant and beautiful memories, having to take the decision to again tell you not to return, staying where they are, well even so, we have Faith and hope this situation normalizes soon (already lack less), we ask all together to the Child God to enlighten the world but above all that to the families, to reach an upcoming 2012 quite promising and hopeful, where dreams and opportunities materialize, where prosper the peace, where minimize robbery and attacks against life where justice is blind and appropriate justice, where the effort is rewarding, where the relief centers are equipped with medicines, equipment and above all qualified personnel that take care of our health, where the policy is minimized, where corruption is eradicated, where our leaders understand once and for all "that VENEZUELA is A and is of all".

Gentlemen who read me the idea was to give them a message for new year's Eve and Christmas especially, I went too far, but even when we follow stoically holding our punishment, Venezuela already does not stand but she is tired, want rebel to much damage received by their rulers. We apologize for these heartfelt words, but really won me the desire to express them.

Heart wish them without exception or distinction of class, creed, gender, politicians, friends, free enemies, in order to all a "Merry Christmas and a successful year 2012, may God bless you and our dear and beloved Cruz de Ávila, reaches all your household and to stay forever and for always illuminating them, our children that are distant in other countries God, the protection, the care and the bless forever, that we have lost our beings dear, deeper solidarity in very difficult moments that we have to go without them, good for all the family of the world's integer and especially that of my homeland my always loved Venezuela, I say "Glory to God in LAS heights and peace in the land A LOS men of goodwill".

Will be up to the year to come (2012) if God allows it and gives us life, where I will give you every one of you a beautiful gift, that I decided not to commercialize my concepts about this wonderful game called Domino, i.e., I will not write a book of teachings on the subject, decided by our dear Blog give them a "TOPIC OF COLLECTION" every ten (10) days, warn them that they are 15 tracks in total, where I summarize clear way, concepts and anecdotes of this wonderful game of mind called "Dominó". Until next year (photo: Cross of el Ávila).

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