viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

New members of the Pre Selection of National Women and Venezuela Men (top 20 posts of the Ranking National)

Dear friends, the national technical Commission of Venezuelan Federation Domino from Domino "FVD", informs the community Dominocistas Venezuelan and international, as the Pre Venezuela national team was constituted for the next year 2012.

To do so before giving welcome the new representatives and advocates of the Domino of our homeland, the national technical Committee of dominoes together with the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", appreciated the wonderful effort given by all and each of the members of the outgoing national selection, who gave the best of their efforts in order to defend and to fly by all corners of the world our beautiful "Tricolor Patrio" especially the athletes in female: FLOR LOZADA, ZULLY PERDOMO, ARIANNI FIGUEROA and JASMIN MIJARES, the first two named integrated the best female team at the World Championships by teams of "Abkhazia 2011" reaching eighth place in the competition, showing that the Venezuelan women's Domino is not second to anyone and is too competitive, so I dare to qualify without fear to be wrong as the "best dominoes to international level". Also in the men's outgoing athletes are: WILMER PRADA, RAMÓN SUÁREZ, RAFAEL HERNANDEZ "FAY" and FRANCISCO OYARZÁBAL, appointed last two extracted silver and bronze medals respectively in the "Championship World Tag Team Championship in costa Rica 2011".

So tell as it did last year, thank you many thank you all and each one you and we will continue to see national events and good insurance agree that remain "Selection Nacional de Venezuela" in their hearts and their ideals, again thank you friends, is that they always did and gave the best of each one of you.

Below the names of the athletes in women's comprising the Pre national Venezuela, have been located between the early 1920s brought in the national Ranking of Venezuela during the year 2011:

01 Place- Yolimar Guevara / ident. card 5.608138 / Miranda.
02 Place- Lucymar Gamboa M. / identity card 10.352.208 / Miranda.
03 Place- Ligia Romero / identity card 5.800.980 / Miranda.
04 Place- Vanessa Carrillo Zapata / ident. card 11.181.401 / Miranda.
05 Place – Omaira Zabala / identity card 10.287.818 / Anzoátegui.
06 Place- Yudasmín Mata / identity card 11.691.773 / Miranda .
07 Place- Rina cross / identity card 8.293.736 / Anzoátegui.
08 Place – Lina Guevara / identity card 8.865.676 / Miranda.
09 Place - Gilda de Abreu / identity card / 6.359.959/ Miranda .
10 Place – Margarita Alvarez / identity card 9.222.691 / Dtto. Capital.
11 Place- Leyhza Boscán / identity card 7.970.485 / State Zulia.
12 Place – Nilda Velásquez / identity card 7.563.753/ Cojedes.
13 Place- Sweet Ruiz / identity card 2.759.986 / Miranda.
14 Place- Elsa Pinto / identity card 6.365.176 / Guárico.
15 Place- Belitza Rodriguez / identity card 8.578.410 / Aragua.
16 Place- Mariley Melo / identity card 8.589.505 / Aragua.
17 Place- Alba Morela Sayago / identity card 1.585.546 / Dtto. Capital.
18 Place- Magaly j. Cárdenas / identity card 4.169.373 / Miranda.
19 Place- Patrizia Rosciano / identity card 5.533.954 / Dtto. Capital.
20 Place- Anmelys Romero / identity card 20.859.079 / Zulia.

Then the names of athletes in men comprising the Pre national Venezuela, by being placed among the first twenty positions of the national Ranking of Venezuela during the year 2011:

01 Place- Carlos Marquina / identity card 13.472.864 / Miranda.
02 Place- Pascual Darbisi / identity card 6.334.675 / Miranda.
03 Place - Alexander lamb / identity card 10.346.483 / Miranda.
04 Place- Edgar Rodríguez / identity card 9.482.855 / State.
05 Place- Jorge Luis Marcano / Identity card 12.005.748 / Bolivar.
06 Place- Alonzo Rodriguez / identity card 16.442.075 / State.
07 Place- José Alejandro Díaz / identity card 16.007.665 / State.
08 Place- Jhon Celis / Identity 23.694.635 identity card / Miranda.
09 Place - Jairo lamb / identity card 9.063.851 / Miranda .
10 Place - Mervin Romero / identity card 4.584.363 / Anzoátegui .
11 Place- Nelson Gutiérrez / identity card 11.769.038 / Miranda .
12 Place- Stands Casibe / identity card 8.933.868 / Cojedes .
13 Place- Ivan Vergagna / identity card 7.557.361 / Yaracuy.
14 Place- Edwar Pérez / Identity card 10.827.125 / Cojedes .
15 Place- Dani Bassin / identity card 14.961.779 / Bolivar.
16 Place- Engels Prada / identity card 15.276.555 / Bolivar.
1 7 Place- Elio Belandria / identity card 7.090.494 / Carabobo .
18 Place- Rafael Buyare / identity card 9.543.531 / Lara .
19 Place - Victor Salina / identity card 9.956.197 / Carabobo .
20 Place- Luis Alberto Marquina / identity card 15.757.253 / Miranda.

To warmly congratulate the new members of the Pre selection of Domino Venezuelan, I remember the great responsibility that just acquire, defend the Patrio Tricolor, in every corner where we touch assist as Venezuelan national selection of dominoes with pride and distinction.

I must also congratulate all the leaders of associations, very special mention for the athletes of the States: Guárico and Zulia, as well as also for the athletes of the Carabobo States and Lara, who have the honour of being a party for the first time for the national team Pre Venezuela, welcome all, congratulations to those who had the distinction to repeat for the second consecutive year We now have to strive to make this coming year we will do best to achieve podium in international competitions provided by the International Federation of Dominos "FID". Until the next installment.

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