viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Championship world of Domino from the "Fidelity" - Orlando, Florida, USA - June 2013

Dear friends, thanks to my very dear friend Don LUCAS GUITTARD, President of the Federation International of Domino "FID", I have the pleasure to introduce you the corresponding poster to the: X Championships world of DOMINO DE LA "FID", which shall be carried out in Orlando Florida USA, installations of the: THE FLORIDA HOTEL AT THE FLORIDA MALL, the days between 17 and 23 of June of the year 2013.

Glad to see the as diligently as actions organizational part of the "Fidelity", where an early start all coordination sufficient and necessary to achieve satisfactory logistics for the blessing of athletes and Nations attending as worthy World Cup event are executed.

We hope that our dear friends at the international level, organized in advance, so's to attend this extraordinary jurisdiction of International Court.

Seguiremos informándoles a la Comunidad de Dominocista del Mundo, los avances que ocurran en función de la Programación y las Metas previstas por la Federación Internacional de Dominó “FID”, para el próximo Campeonato Mundial de Dominó. Hasta la próxima entrega.

We will continue informing the community of Dominocista in the world, advances that occur depending on the programming and the goals laid down by the Federation International of Domino "FID", for the next World Championship for Domino. Until the next installment.

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