martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

New year message - arrived December, already will view the cross Announcing to the world that Jesus came

Dear friends with a tradition that data from 49 years ago, again in our beloved Cerro Avila shines for all the Caracas "La Cruz de Ávila", marking the arrival of the month of December and the soon advent of the "Child God", this beautiful way gives formal beginning of Christmas in the Capital City "Caracas la Sultana in Ávila".

Again remember from this column to Dr. OSCAR MACHADO ZULOAGA, God to have him in his glory, one of the most ardent pioneers, enthusiast and admirer of this beautiful tradition Caracas, I remember when we spent hours rehearsing with the Coral of the electricity of Caracas, to sing in the lighting of the "Cruz del Ávila", precisely the Aguinaldo "CRUZ del AVILA" habit which very quickly matched to the power of the "Arbolito de Chacao" where it was traditionally home to the Christmas festivities of what was for that time was the great family of C.A. LA ELECTRICIDAD DE CARACAS.

The cross of el Ávila became the symbol of the Christmas the Gran Caracas, filling up with hopes for children, women and men in thousands of homes.

Let us have faith and hopes ask all together the Child God may enlighten the world but above all that a families, to reach an upcoming 2013 totally promising and full of hope, where dreams and opportunities materialize, where peace, where minimizing the robberies and attacks against life to thrive, where justice is blind and proceed as, where the effort is gratifying, where care centres are equipped with medicines, equipment and above all suitable personnel that take care of our health, where politics is minimized, where corruption is eradicated, where our leaders understand once and for all "that VENEZUELA is a and is of all".

Heart I wish them without exception nor distinctions of class, creeds, sexes, politicians, friends, enemies free, in the end everyone a "Merry Christmas and happy year 2013", than the God bless you and our dear and beloved cross of el Ávila, reaches all your homes and that stays forever and always illuminating them, our children are distant in other countriesthat God the protect, the care and the bless always, that we have lost our loved, deeper solidarity in difficult moments so that we will have to go without them, good to all the family of the world whole and especially of my homeland my always loved Venezuela, I say "Glory to God in the heights and peace in LA land to LOS men of goodwill".

It will be up to the year coming (2013) if God allows us and gives us life, where I will again be with all of you talking about this beautiful sport of the mind called "Domino", until the coming year (photography: Cruz del Ávila)

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