domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

Results of the concentration of new athletes, national selection of dominoes of Venezuela by 2013.

Dear friends, I am pleased to inform you the results corresponding to the concentration of athletes of the Domino Venezolano, carried out during the days Thursday 29, Friday 30 November and Saturday, December 01, 2012, in the Dorado Contry Club, located on the road from lived - go-carts in Miranda State.

This concentration of athletes composed of 20 first athletes of the Ranking national in both genders, gave as a source the new selection national of VENEZUELA, which has the honour of representing our patriotic Tricolor in events related to national and international Domino during the year 2013.

They were called to the concentration, the first 20 athletes of both sexes who arrived during the year 2012 in the national Ranking, the day had written simple selection tests and questions of development, subsequently carried out competition from conflict of all against all, IE, nineteen (19) Games athletes in both sexes played everyone against everyone without repeating pairs the points that were made in the concentration, were added to the "scale" of each athlete reached throughout the year 2012, as a result of the Federal Circuit of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino. Obviously those who were at the top of national Ranking wore the natural advantage by their points earned throughout the year 2012, however it could happen that the athletes who were in child seats, took the forefront of the competition and those who were in the first place simply could not be maintained, this gave a way to totally clean source, without benefits, competitive (19) conducted meetings, civic and honorable to the new national team of Venezuela for the year 2013.

Venezuela female national team, once applied the rules and procedures laid down in the regulation of the national technical Commission of the 'FVD'.

1er. Lina Guevara / Céd. Ident. 8.865.676 del Estado Miranda.
2do. Vanessa Carrillo / Céd. Ident. 11.181.401 del Estado Miranda.
3er. Omaira Zabala / Céd. Ident. 10.287.818 del Estado Anzoátegui.
4to. Karina Reboso / Céd. Ident. 7.145.900 del Estado Carabobo.
5to. Dulce Ruiz García / Céd. Ident. 2.759.986 del Estado Miranda.
6to. Lucymar Gamboa Moya / Céd. Ident. 10.352.208 del Estado Miranda.
7ma. María Eusebia Villegas / Céd. Ident. 4.097.804 del Estado Carabobo.
8va. Rina Cruz / Céd Ident. 8.293.736 del Estado Anzoátegui.
Reserva 9na. María Victoria Méndez / Céd. Ident. 14.079.276 del Estado Carabobo.
Reserva 10ma. Carolina Méndez / Céd. Ident. 13.269.194 del Estado Miranda.

Venezuela in men's national team, once applied the rules and procedures laid down in the regulation of the national technical Commission of the 'FVD'.

1er. Alexander Cordero /  Céd. Ident. 10.346.483 del Estado Miranda.
2do. Carlos Luis Marquina / Céd. Ident. 13.472.864 del Estado Miranda.
3er. Luis Alberto Marquina / Céd. Ident. 15.757.253 del Estado Miranda.
4to. Fedy Alí / Céd. Ident. 14.299.498 del Estado Miranda.
5to. Edgar Rodríguez / Céd. Ident. 84.409.268 del Estado Miranda.
6to. Elio Belandria / Céd. Ident. 7.090.494 del Estado Carabobo.
7ma. Edgar Rojas / Céd. Ident. 12.022. 566 del Estado Yaracuy.
8va. Puesto. Jhon Urbina / Céd. Ident. 17.077.462 del Distrito Capital
Reserva 9na. Wilmer Flores / Céd. Ident. 13.095. Estado Anzoátegui.
Reserva 10ma. José Rafael Hernández / Céd. Ident. 5.103.593 del Estado Aragua.

My most sincere congratulations to the new members of the national team of Venezuela, with faith, hope and security that in 2013 we will achieve podium again, demonstrating the high competitiveness of the Venezuelan team both feminine and masculine. To all the athletes who today make up our national selection, remember that they must observe due respect and good behaviour in the upcoming national competitions and internationals, showing with pride have earned this distinction.

I would like to take this opportunity to embrace and congratulate very specially to my companions of the partnership of Domino's Carabobo State in people: KARINA REBOSO, MARIA EUSEBIA VILLEGAS and MARÍA VICTORIA MÉNDEZ, who for the first time achieved the distinction of being worthy representatives of the national team of Venezuela. In addition to the partnership of Domino of the Yaracuy State, in the person of EDGAR ROJAS, who manages a member in the national team of Venezuela, for the first time finally bother to the Association of the State of Miranda, very especially to those who repeated as national team of Venezuela.

Finally I want to participate to the athletes identified as reserve, which may be within the national team of Venezuela, since Professor Efrain Velasquez Ramos, President of the Venezuelan Federation of Dominos and equipment that accompanies it, are making their best efforts to try to bring the first ten (10) athletes of the "baremo" of the Domino Venezuelan, also as you well know We are going to a country subject to "VISAS", therefore wait satisfactorily results in this sense does not occur as well, those identified as reserve will be to occupy the place. Photography: National team of Venezuela for the year 2011.

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