viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

During the month of January this year, will start the Domino organized in Venezuela, with a really tight schedule, since it gathers the following activities:

Ordinary General Assembly: where is summoned all the Domino State associations in Venezuela – Friday 25012013 time 10.00 am. Points to address:

-          Adoption of the annual report and the Balance of results of Board of Directors, presented by the Chair, contentiva of the work developed in fiscal year 2012.
-          Presentation of the annual Plan of activities for fiscal year 2013.
-          Proposals of each of the State associations of Domino.

Extraordinary General meeting: where is summoned to the Domino State associations in Venezuela – Friday 25012013 time 2.00 pm., points to treat:

-          Appointment of the Electoral Commission that will govern the election process of the authorities of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", (Board of Directors. HONOR Council and Council COMPTROLLER), for the period 2013-2017.

Home Circuit Federativo of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD", with the Torneo Apertura traditions - Saturday 26012013 time 1,00 pm.

Dear friends, as is as planned Saturday 260113 01,00 pm., in the facilities of the beautiful Centro Italiano Venezuelan headquarters Caracas, located in front of the Autopista Prados del Este (los Campitos entrance), of the Baruta municipality in Miranda State, will start the organized Venezuela, pursuant to Federal Circuit promoted by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" Domino, with the traditional "Apertura" tournament, under the following assumptions: older category, mode open and Individual.

We hope to beat the record of attendance observed in the previous year (2012), which amounted to 528 participants, so we call on all the associations Domino Venezuela, to fill in the blanks of this beautiful Social Club.

In this respect let me tell them the behavior in the last three (3) years:

-          Year 2010 mode open couples, participation of athletes 398.
-          Year 2011 Individual open mode, 352 athletes ' participation.
-          Year 2012 open modality Individual, participation of athletes 528.

Looking at what has happened in these last three (03) years, we can infer the following, in 2012 the attendance Record is broken for this type of event, to register the participation of 528 athletes, which in comparison to the year 2011 observed an increase of 176 athletes, no doubt fully representative figure.

Also highlight that in the year 2010, the modality of this tournament was: open pairs, so we infer that the decrease observed in comparing the 2011 vs. 2010, It was definitely by the change of mode in the event, and that this reduction in the enrollment was 46 athletes.

The truth of the matter is that the Board policy of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD", continues to write the history of Domino organized in Venezuela, without any doubt is the reward to the sustained effort of its President Professor EFRAIN VELASQUEZ and team that accompanies it, I also do Honor to the Arbitral body directed by Mr. VICENTE CAMMARANO, which increasingly is seen better and more willing to attend the event athlete sin all the senses and all aspects coordinating all matters relating to the contest.

Finally will say them that the joint policy of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", shall give fair recognition making the usual Awards, highlighting nominations in the Domino of juveniles and adults respectively, shall also appoint the Rod Association of the year and the customary "plates and distinctions" to the people and institutions who contributed throughout the year 2012, with the Venezuelan Domino.

We look forward to the pleasant presence of the athletes of the domino Venezuelan, in this traditional tournament opening, so I sincerely hope in the beautiful halls of the Center Italiano Venezuelan, headquarters Caracas on Saturday 26/01/2013. Photo: entrance to the aforementioned Club facilities, until the next delivery.

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