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Results of the national tournament Opening - beginning of the Federal Circuit of the year 2013

Dear friends, as is as planned Saturday 260113 in the beautiful facilities of the Centre Italiano Venezuelan headquarters Caracas, began the organized Domino of Venezuela, pursuant to Federal Circuit promoted by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", with the "Opening" traditional tournament, under the following modalities: older category, Individual open mode.

It is admirable the convening power of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", achieving the participation of ten and seven States from all the regions of the country with the attendance Record of 632 athletes at this opportunity, so we let ourselves make a small recount of what happened during this day:

Proceeded to give fair recognition making the usual Awards, stressing that the "Athlete of the year" nomination, Miranda State received the following awards: female, male, Honorable mention in female and male, also proceeded to award the prizes corresponding to athletes of the Domino less, in the following categories:

Twelve sub: Female and male.
Fifteen sub: Female and male.
Eighteen sub: male and female.

LINA GUEVARA athlete of the year in women's State of Miranda.
VANESSA CARRILLO mention of Honor athlete of the year in women's State of Miranda.
CARLOS L. MARQUINA athlete of the year male (Miranda State).
ALEXANDER CORDERO mention of Honor athlete of the year male (Miranda State).

Also "Plates and distinctions" were awarded to individuals and institutions, that throughout the year 2012, provided all kinds of collaboration to Domino organized in Venezuela.

Then I will have immense pleased to draw your attention to the order of the first twenty (20) athletes for the competition results:

Results of the first 20 places in the "Opening" national tournament:

01. Medalla de Oro: ROBERT ZAMBRANO (Estado Lara).
02. Medalla de Plata: WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ (Estado Yaracuy).
03. Medalla de Bronce: CARLOS MARQUINA (Estado Miranda).

04. Orangel Amaya (Estado Miranda).
05. Belkis Sánchez (Estado Cojedes).
06. Pietrina Lapore (Distrito Capital).
07. Concilia Mavare (Estado Lara).
08. Sabrina Rosciano (Distrito Capital).
09. Andrés Nagi (Estado Miranda).
10. Elio Belandria (Estado Carabobo).
11. Bernardo Da Silva (Estado Aragua).
12. Víctor Manuel Alayón (Estado Aragua).
13. Hugo Bello (Estado Carabobo).
14. Henry Madrid (Estado Aragua).
15. Pascual Darbisi (Estado Miranda).
16. Jesús Castañeda (Estado Sucre).
17. Luis Serrada (Estado Trujillo).
18. Luis A. Marquina (Estado Miranda).
19. Danny Espinoza (Estado Miranda).
20. Aura Elena Fernández (Estado Carabobo).
It should be noted that the athlete: ROBERT ZAMBRANO, of the Association of the State of Lara, remained undefeated during all competition winning nine (9) games made, my most sincere congratulations to our dear friend ROBERT, for her wonderful performance.

Finally I can tell you that the Protocol acts and undertaken logistics was really extraordinary, felt the immense wishes of the Board policy of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD", continue giving a Radical change to the Venezuelan Domino, based on the need to update and adjust the "regulation of the Federation", as a result of the demands of this wonderful game of mind called "Dominoes" anyway I believe the margin of excellence is scratched once more.

As a final remark of this great sporting event, must inform you to the community that during the day of competition, El Centro Italiano competed with his team of dominoes consisting of its members, among which is our beloved and famous friend DON LUCAS GUITTARD, with the proviso that the two athletes of the Centre Italian who occupy the most prominent positions of the eventthey would be benefited with assistance for the world of Domino of the IDF in Orlando, promoted by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", also for its part, the international Domino Federation "FID", it shall relieve the Member partner of Center Italiano-Venezolano of the inscription on one of the events, by couples or Individual. Below the names of the athletes of the Italian Center which managed to reach the aforementioned distinction:

GIUSEPPE MAZZARA / wins 6 lost 3 - position number 66.
ANTONIO DANISI / wins 6 lost 3 - position number 110.

My most sincere congratulations to the athletes of the Italian Center, as well as the event organizers warlords, to all athletes who attended and especially to those who rose to podium on this occasion. Until the next installment.

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