martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

National Championship of dominoes - only "Select State" – 23/03/2013 Saturday

Dear friends, complying with the Circuit Federal of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD", will be held in the city of Maturín the State Monagas, the 1st. only national championship for State selections:

The event features:

• 1st. National Championship, open category, Individual category male and female.
• Day: Saturday, March 23, the year 2013.
• Time: 01,00 pm.
• Location: "Yarua International Club", located in the Carrera 6, streets 1 and 2. (Behind the Judicial Circuit and in front of the Liceo Sanz).

Note that, in compliance with the regulations of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", approved in July, 2010 at the General Assembly of delegates, the State associations will attend only with its "select State" in both genders, which will be composed of twelve (12) athletes respectively, such as reza chapter XI of the Federal Circuit's championships and national tournaments Article 115 of the regulation of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD".

It is important to differentiate the National Championships from tournaments and national events, since tournaments and events can participate all who attend and meet the requirements for registration and enrolment, i.e. There is no limit on the number of participants, now well in the "National Championships" the State associations only can sign twelve (12) athletes in women and twelve (12) in masculine.

Photo: Plaza Bolívar - city of Maturin Estado Monagas.

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