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Results of the national tournament for mixed pairs - city of Barquisimeto Lara state.

Dear friends, the beautiful city of Barquisimeto in Lara state, dressed their best gala to welcome the different delegations of the associations of Domino from Venezuela, on the 19th and 200713 were a series of events related directly to the Venezuelan dominoes, such as: General Assembly of delegates, election process and national tournament of mixed couples.

As was envisaged in the Circuit Federal of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", during this weekend Friday 1907 and Saturday 20072013 were conducted in facilities the Bolivarian dome of the beautiful city of Barquisimeto, a series of events inherent in the Venezuelan Domino, as no doubt it were: GENERAL Assembly of delegates, which approved a series of changes of the regulations of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD" which will highlight in future article, also the Board Directors of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", summoned all the delegates of the State associations, commissions of arbitrators and referees, commissions of coaches and trainers, Commission of athletes and leagues of Domino duly registered and accredited, the electoral General Assembly, in order to elect the Board of Directors, Council of Honor and controller Council who shall serve for the period 2013-2017, this Act was carried out Saturday 20072013 from the 09 am., until 12:30 pm, inclusive, then began one of the most pleasant of the Venezuelan Domino, as it is without any doubt the "national tournament pairs mixed" in this regard, I must emphasize several pleasant scenario that is lived, as without a doubt was the attendance Record for this modality, which in comparison to last year (214 couples 428 athletes), because that was attended by 252 couples, i.e. 504 athletes properly Federated corresponding to the various State associations from all over our geography.

The ceremony began with the review of credentials of the associations, the Electoral Commission, once the Act of voting, President of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino, addressed to the Assistant community and personalities that attended on behalf of the Governor of Lara state and FUNDELA, at the same time thanking the athletes and officials of the Venezuelan Domino the presence of each and every one of them, then gave the word to the host Association, in the person of Dr. SANDRA ARCE, who thanked the assistance of State associations with very heartfelt words sisters, to the support of "FUNDELA" and de el Gubernator Dr. HENRY FALCÓN, who jointly not spared efforts in providing us with a bright logistics and attention in all the senses and all aspects, must also thank the Honorable Dra. Arce, the words of recognition that had for me, by the distinction received by the YMCA organization, which gave me the prize of citizen's sport YMCA the year 2013.

I want to publicly thank my dear friends of the partnership of Domino of Lara state and especially their managers Lords: JUAN CARLOS MELENDEZ and SANDRA ARCE, for the magnificent and always warm attention that I have received in the course of the years, thank you friends thank you very much, is truly an Honor to have you as friends.

Then the Honor of the first ten positions of the event:

Silver Medal: MARILEY MELO – VÍCTOR M. ALAYÓN / Estado Aragua.
4to. Puesto: Sandra Pinto – Jesús Rangel  / Estado Bolívar.
5to. Puesto: Jeniree Beatriz Santana – Gerardo Colina / Estado Carabobo.
6to. Puesto: Judys Teresa García – Johan José Navas / Estado Vargas.
7mo Puesto: Marlin del Valle Castellar – Guillermo Brito / Estado Sucre.
8vo. Puesto: Bartolina Pérez – José Luis Landaburu / Estado Cojedes.
9no. Puesto: Judasmin Mata – Carlos Marquina / Estado Miranda.
10mo. Puesto: Rosa Alfonso – Miguel Ángel Domingo / Estado Miranda.

Now we will play to prepare for the "EI tournament national of teams mixed", which will take place in the greater Caracas on Saturday 17/08/2013.

Friends, with the permission of you, I have the great Honor of writing devoted to our Adorada and Virgin Venerada "La Divina Pastora in Barquisimeto". Our holy mother is one of the most important religious icons of Venezuela, the original image dates from 1735, and is leaving in procession each January 14.

The Divina Pastora Patron Saint of Barquisimeto is one of the Mariana invocations of the Virgin most loved and followed by the country. Each January 14 a procession crowd, which is considered the largest globally, where the image comes from his temple in the town of Santa Rosa and stroll up to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Barquisimeto touring more than 5 kilometres, the domingo de ramos (before Easter) and from January 14the image of the Divina Pastora stroll 44 temples of the Lara state.

This procession differs from the Marianas celebrations in the world, as of Guadalupe in Mexico, in which the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe does not leave his temple, i.e., a pilgrimage of the faithful to meet with Mary is celebrated in Mexico. According to studies carried out with respect to the concentration as such, it has as a result that the procession of the Divina Pastora of Barquisimeto, it is the third concentration Mariana in the world, behind of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico) and our Lady of Fatima (Portugal), respectively first and second.

Photo: Image of our beloved and Venerada Virgin "LA DIVINA PASTORA DE BARQUISIMETO".

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