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Results of the National Championship for mixed pairs - State Vargas June 2014.

Dear friends, as it was intended in the Circuit Federal of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", Saturday 14/06/2014 was held on the premises of the exhibition complex "Camuri Chico", located in the parish of Caraballeda of the Vargas State, the national tournament of mixed couples, Copa Dr. HECTOR SIMOSA ALARCON, well known among his friends as "Carayaca Tiger", rendering thus a simple but sense posthumous tribute to one of the great figures of the Venezuelan Domino's all time.

Record, which, in comparison to last year, 252 couples and 504 athletes, overcame in 74 couples and 148 athletes was attended by 18 State associations from across the country, noting that they involved a total of 326 couples, i.e. 652 athletes, value.

Brief history of the parish of Caraballeda of the Vargas State:
The town known as Caraballeda, located in the State of Vargas, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, was founded initially in the lands of the Great chieftain Guaicamacuto, by the Conqueror and Captain Francisco Fajardo November 18, 1560, on the third voyage made by the mestizo these litoralenses coasts. Fajardo named the place with the name of Villa of the Hill, in honor of Governor Pablo Collado, who had generously given its people and support. Also, it is thought that Collado was named him, because the village is located on a slope or Hill, and that the Governor is just a comment to discredit Fajardo, taking by envy, to place it as an adulante to the story. Later in the year 1568 was rebuilt on the ancient ruins of the city from the Hill by Diego de Losada and named our Lady of Carballo in honor Patron Saint of the town of Black River from the bridge, in Zamora (Spain), which was the birthplace of Diego de Losada.

The area of the parish of Caraballeda is 82.1 square kilometres; It is a relatively flat site close to the sea, and this characteristic is due to the contribution of materials by water currents from the Serranía. These materials are sedimentaron forming cones that at one time were covered with crop and forests, and today are the seat for the development of residential areas for permanent residents and tourism development.

Caraballeda sits in a highly seismic zone where earthquakes of the 11 June 1641 that happened to the 8 and 15 in the morning; on October 21, 1776, at 4 and 30 in the morning; on March 26, 1812, at 4 and 17 in the afternoon, and on October 29, 1900, to 4 and 42 in the morning, caused serious damage but without leaving almost victims, because being an Indian village with huts of thatched roof, many farms and few inhabitants, he allowed that you apart from the shockthe losses were lower by the quality of the housing.

The feast of San Juan, on June 24 of each year, is the largest population of Caraballeda and other villages in Venezuela, and it is held in the season of the summer solstice when the rains fall in abundance and new planting already is in the fields. In Caraballeda this festival is celebrated with great rejoicing, but has slightly lost its original candor, because the proximity of hotels this celebration has become a tourist attraction. They play the drum for more than one week and the revelers dance through the streets almost always without the Holy. He is called San Juan here the Congole and its color is brown. A large mass celebrated on the day of the Holy and then the women dance with the statue of San Juan in the head and the typical dance is "Stand there". The music that dominates the culture of the inhabitants of Caraballeda is drum, among them the best known is the grouping "Drum Caribbean".

Guests of Honor:
They attended as guests of honour the Lords: citizen General JORGE LUIS GARCIA CARNEIRO, Governor of the State of Vargas, citizen Dr. NELSON MERENTES, President of the Central Bank of Venezuela "BCV", citizen PEDRO Rodríguez, General Attorney of the Vargas State, citizen JOSÉ ALEJANDRO TERÁN, Vice Minister of high performance of the Ministry of the power Popular for sport and citizen Dr. JUDITH HERNÁNDEZ, on behalf of the National Institute of sports "IND" legal consultancy.

Continuing with the results of this interesting tournament, where the ladies of the Venezuelan Domino with its beauty and wonderful talent, are intertwined with the best male athletes of each participating State, achieving integrated the best mixed pairs of each Assistant State.

It was a very nice competition, the nascent Domino Association of the Vargas State together with the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", they spared no effort in providing us a bright logistics and attention in all the senses and all aspects, exhausted its best efforts so that event attendees enjoy the most, not only finished the competition way satisfactory but also showed once again the immense power of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" call.

Then the honor of the first ten positions of the event:

Gold Medal:

Silver Medal:

Bronze Medal:

4to. Lugar:

5to. Lugar:

6to. Lugar:

7mo. Lugar:

8vo. Lugar:

9to. Lugar:
Isabel Cristina Paredes – Alonso Rodríguez / Estado Miranda.

10mo. Lugar:

My most sincere congratulations to all the award-winning athletes and especially to the meeting organizer of the Association of Domino of the State Vargas, which demonstrated once again that when we want to do things well, without a doubt the margin of excellence, bravo border by: Nancy, Eda, Yumar and other members of the Organizing Committee of beloved Association they were really unforgettable moments to remember.

By last will make a comment very sense of my beloved and appreciated friend GABRIELA MENESES, excellent practitioner of the discipline and friend of extraordinary feelings, I've been looking at the potential of this beautiful girl throughout her performances, I have always held that wonderful desire to win (hunger competitive spirit) I really like, not afraid of anyone in that game, I remember recently that talk to her before the National Championship by pairs played in the city of Puerto La Cruz, where I stated seriously you details important about very common situations in the Domino where many fail or are wrong, in order to guide it as best as possible, well mi Adorada Gaby, more you can say, finally a medal of gold and step well deserved and LogradaI hope to repeat these successes to continue to enjoy them with you.

We look forward to seeing us at the upcoming event "Tournament national of mixed", which will take place in the city of Barquisimeto in Lara state in 16/08/2014.

Photo: Beaches of Caraballeda 2014.

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