viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Venezuelan National Team / Female and Male Teams

Dear Friends, preparations continue for our representation in the "VII World Domino Championship Team", to stage in beautiful Punta Cana Cape Province of La Altagracia in the Dominican Republic.

The Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", set the date for what will be the concentration of Athletes Venezuelan National Team, Saturday 13/11/1910 at 11 am, the site chosen was: Hotel located in the Coastal Marine Central, specifically Catialamar / Mamo Vargas State.

The One of the main reasons for this concentration of athletes, is to attach to the couples and Equipment (02) to represent us in the race, as new conditions demanded by the International Domino Federation "FID", are clear and strict, requiring that participating teams must be rotating couples to each of the members of each team, this initiative of the "IDF" brand standards in the International Domino, and obviously forces us to rigorous training, proper necessary adaptation of athletes members of the Venezuelan National Team.

I also informed the community of Dominocistas of Venezuela, the National Team will travel on Monday 15/11/1910 at 08.00 PM., Charter flight to Punta Cana / Dominican Republic.

Members have then describe the Venezuelan National Team in Women and Men, warning that even men's teams (02), once installed will join the Technical Committee responsible for such purposes, the very seat of the concentration of Athletes.

Venezuelan delegation to the VII has World Tag Team Championship in Punta Cana / Members of the National Women's Team:

PERDOMO ZULLY G. / Aragua State Association.
BELITZA RODRIGUEZ / Aragua State Association.
RINA CRUZ / Anzoátegui State Association.
LUCYMAR GAMBOA MOYA / Association of Miranda State.
MAGALY JOSEFINA CARDENAS DIAZ / Association of Miranda State.
VANESSA LISBETH CARRILLO ZAPATA / Association of Miranda State.

Members of the National Men's Team:

RAFAEL HERNANDEZ / Aragua State Association.
ANTONIO SAMMAK / Aragua State Association.
JORGE BRITO / Aragua State Association.
OYARZABAL FRANCISCO / Association of Miranda State.
JAIRO CORDERO Miranda State Association.
CARLOS MARQUINA / Association of Miranda State.
JORGE LUIS ARIAS / Association of Miranda State.
ALONSO RODRIGUEZ / Association of Miranda State.
ALEXANDER CORDERO / Association of Miranda State.
FEDY ALI / Association of Miranda State.
WILLIAM RIOS FELCE / Association of Miranda State.
ELEAZAR BASTARDO / Aragua State Association.

As a final comment on the matter, I inform you that we coordinate with the management of the beautiful Hotel Melia Caribe Tropical, so allow me to report from the site of events all Dominocistas Nations, the partial results that will be happening in every day.

My personal opinion about it: Venezuela has a unique representation, I can qualify this way, because I know the potential of each of the players we represent, obviously the other participating countries, are also armed to the teeth as we usually say, but the experience gives me the International Domino allows me to conclude that Venezuela will be on the podium in the VII World Domino Championship Team. Until the next installment which will be from the site of events. (view of de Hotel Pools).

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