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Results "Domino Art and Passion for Sport" in the Caribbean Series

Receiving News from the City of Mayagüez of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, my dear Friend Mr Lucas Guittard, President of the International Domino Federation "FID", where I phoned, the success achieved in the first meeting of Domino Baseball between the countries attending the Serie del Caribe (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Puerto Rico Host).

The initiative to include this event Domino Baseball undoubtedly shattered the traditional in this regard, stressing that all Caribbean countries are practicing this wonderful game of mind, so why not take advantage of all the Elements for the Organization and logistics, to add in order to display this order completely Amateur Competition, where the Awards will be as it as required by the Olympic Committee, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

We also stress the Competition awards ceremony, executives and players' interviews were recorded by the sports network ESPN, and the Television Distribution Service "DirecTV."

Official Results, "Domino Art and Passion for Sport" in the Caribbean Series, 1st. Domino event display competitive presence held on Saturday 05/02/1911 at 12 M., at the Ballpark Isidoro García de la Ciudad de Mayagüez of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Gold Medal: Dominican Republic (Managers of the Interliga).
Silver Medal: Puerto Rico (Owner of Baseball Players).
Bronze Medal: Puerto Rico (Interleague Baseball Players).
Top Athletes: TEODORO REYES / NARCISO CEDAN - Dominican Republic.
Most Influential players: ANDY GONZALEZ / FREDDLE THON - Criollos de Caguas in Puerto Rico.

Following the protocol events, we proceeded to the delivery of the Users of the following personalities:

Gold Medal: CANDIDO MALDONADO, one of the glories of all time, Baseball in Puerto Rico.
Silver Medal: Dr. Orlando Lugo, vice president of the Central American Games.
Bronze Medal: Mr. Lucas Guittard, President of the International Domino Federation "FID. "

Finally, having looked at the Act and the integration of players with executives attending Nations (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Puerto Rico), agreed to exhaust efforts to repeat it next year (2012), where the headquarters of the Caribbean Series, shall the Dominican Republic.

Once again the International Domino Federation "FID", through its President Mr. Lucas Guittard, and other members of the Board, continue to make their best efforts in pursuit of continued growth and accentuating the "Domino" at International Level I particularly congratulate you warmly to these dear friends, who continue to make its best efforts to the Domino and the Domino. Until the next installment.

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