miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

Tips - "Domino Art and Passion for Sport" Domino as Exhibit Inclusion in Base Ball Series Caribbean / Mayaguez 2011.

Dear Friends, held at the Niche media today, with my dear friend Mr. Lucas Guittard, from the City of Mayagüez of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, tells me different protocol events that happened during this day of February 2 2011, about me that they held a meeting with the Organising Committee for the Caribbean Series, this happened at 09 AM., in Mayagüez Resort Hotel, the President of the Organising Committee Mr. JOSE FRANCISCO HERRERA PUEYO, together with the other Directors of the participating countries, defined in a concerted and full of motivation, the program and the methodology used in this Dominocistas Caribbean Initiative, and agreed to start on Saturday 02/05/1911 in the beautiful Stadium Base Ball of Mayaguez, in the VIP Room at 12 noon, include the beautiful sea view that has the Chamber, the event will be composed of four (04) Directors and Four (04) Players participating teams being played as follows: The directors and the players will play each other, three (03) to 200 as many games each, under the conditions and the Regulations of the International Domino Federation "FID" , and to be a total of 08 tables Dominoes, Four for Four for Managers and players, to be more explicit I will say that the event will be recorded by the sports network ESPN, which is already present in the Competition.

Note that this idea of "Art and Passion of Domino", appeared in a working lunch staged in January 2010, in New York City, attended the Lords: Manuel Oquendo, Lucas Guittard, by the International Domino Federation " FID "and Mr. LINO GARCIA Chain Sports" ESPN".

Friends will keep you informed about what is happening to this brilliant initiative, which was undoubtedly welcomed by participating countries (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Puerto Rico) in the Caribbean Series Base Ball 2011. Until the next installment.

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