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Dear Friends, I receive notification be the President of the International Domino Federation "FID", my dear and beloved friend Don Lucas Guittard, where I reported the continuation of preparations for the IX World Domino Championship for couples and singles. In this sense, then copied verbatim the note received, which also contain basic information, program and scope of the event.

Don Lucas Guittard, president of the FID, in coordination with Noel Mc Lean, president of Domino Federation Costa Rica, met in the city of San Jose, assisted by Arthur Samuels and Heleine Mc Lean, to assess progress and scope of the 9th World Domino Championship of FID, for couples and singles, to be held on Monday 6 to Friday June 10, 2011.

Ministry of Public Education
It began with a cordial meeting with the national consultant of the Minister of Education, Mr. Oscar F. Hernández, in order to incorporate one of the leading Public Schools, the DOMINO JUNIOR TOURNAMENT (sub-12) and the QUICK COUNT TOURNAMENT The Dominos (U-18), developed the latter by Mr. Vladimir Korneev, president of Domino Federation St. Petersburg, which has been widely recommended for future international events, because stresses the importance of math skills for the school during the period of pre-school education. Mr. Korneev chair both events on their own initiative, worthy of all praise, with the assistance of 24 students for each tournament, Monday June 6, 2011. FID will provide Gold, Silver and Bronze to the top 3 places in both categories and the Ministry of Education Certificate of Attendance issued to all juveniles.

Simultaneous translation Spanish - Russian
In order to assist Mr. Korneev in both junior tournaments, the FID engaged the services of translation experienced teacher of Russian origin, Mr. Daria Kenjekeev (dariaken@yahoo.es). Similarly, Ms. Kenjekeev attending delegations of the Russian Federation and the Federation of Abkhazia, from Monday 6 to Friday 10 June, during the General Assembly of the IDF and in the days following the World Cup.

Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation
President of FID and the representativeness of Domino Federation Costa Rica, were kindly cared for by the National Director of the Institute of Sport, Mr. Luis E. M. Peraza, to inform the World Domino major event to be held in San José. The FID gave a beautiful domino Mr. Peraza, as well as alluding to the World Cup poster. After the meeting, the National Director expressed his extensive collaboration with the Federation of Costa Rica and World IDF announced the appointment of eminent decree the status of sport for the Domino Costa Rica.

Organizing Committee of the Federation of Costa Rica:
Noel Mc Lean, presidente
Arthur Samuels, Relaciones Públicas y Turismo
Heleine Mc Lean, secretaria ejecutiva
Ramón González M., Comisión de Transporte
Antonio Murrel P., Comisión Técnica
Walter Luna M., Comisión Técnica

Organizing Committee of FID:
Lucas Guittard, presidente
Noel Mc Lean, presidente Federación Costa Rica
Manuel Oquendo, Director General del Mundial
Ernesto Antón, presidente Asamblea General
Vincenzo Cammarano, Director de Informática
Maggie Cruz, asistente informática e inscripciones
Armando Campos, Director de Arbitraje
Oscar Navarro, supervisor y árbitro del evento
Julio Buitrago, supervisor y árbitro del evento
Joel Cosme, ceremonial de apertura y clausura
Dr. Severo Riestra, asesor legal.

FID General Assembly
On Tuesday June 7 will be held at the Barceló Hotel Aguamarina Hall at 9 am, the GENERAL OF THE FID with the exclusive participation of Presidents and delegates of the Federations affiliated to the FID. Lunch will be sporting authorities in the Rancho Grill Restaurant Hotel Barceló, at 1 pm, to continue through the evening with assignments in the agenda items. The Assembly is chaired by Mr. Ernesto Anton, president of the South Florida Domino Association.

FID World Championships. Opening
It will take place in the spacious and modern Convention Center Hotel Barceló Greco, from Wednesday 7 to Friday 10 June. In the morning you will play the part of the discipline in pairs and in the afternoon heading of the individual disciplines. The solemn inauguration is scheduled on Wednesday 7 to 9 am with the assistance of authorities of the Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education, FID, the Federation of Costa Rica, prominent athletes and Olympic dominated Costa Rica. Likewise, the presidents of the member federations of the FID.

Dinner for the management of the FID
As is tradition, the IDF will offer its executives, a Costa Rican dinner with folk dances in the Mirador Ram Luna restaurant at 7 pm on Thursday 9 June. Transportation will leave the hotel at 6 pm

Award: $ 20,000
First place: $ 4,000
Second place: $ 3,000
Third place: $ 2,000
Fourth place: $ 600
Fifth place: $ 400
Best female figuration: $ 500

First place: $ 4,000
Second place: $ 2,000
Third place: $ 1,500
Fourth place: $ 750
Fifth place: $ 750
Best female figuration: $ 500

International Course for Referee Domino
Mr. Armando Campos, director of Arbitration, shall issue an International Course for Referee Domino FID on Tuesday, June 7 at 9 am in a room provided for that purpose in the Hotel Barceló.

William Almodóvar Excellence Award
For the second time will be given in honor of William Almodovar, the Second Award of Excellence to the person of trajectory for the benefit of the sport of competitive dominoes face. The directors present at the Special Meeting of the IDF, held in the Dominican Republic, in November. 2010, majority chose the most prominent personality, which will be referred to the day of delivery of that award by President of FID, Lucas Guittard.

Room reservations at the Hotel Barcelo
Athletes are reminded that reservations and guests at the Hotel Barcelo San José Palacio, World Headquarters, should be made as soon as possible. So far, the hotel has booked more than 80 rooms. For more information: SAMIA PORTILLO, sportillo@barcelocr.com - LOURDES MARIA MENESES, ventas1@barcelocr.com, Cell: 506.885.49239. Cost per double room with buffet breakfast for two people, $ 96.90, per night.

Tours director, Tania Klinkova, tklinkova@barcelocr.com, Cell: + 506.8916.9544, has an extensive program of excursions with expert guides in English, Spanish, German and Russian, specially designed for athletes, escorts and attendees Domino World Costa Rica, with excellent prices from the Hotel. Until the next installment.

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