miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

This Weekend "Concentration of Venezuelan athletes Domino" days 01, 02 and 3, abril 2011.

The National Technical Commission of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations cited for the first time in the history of Domino Venezuelan athletes to the first 20 National Ranking in both sexes (Pre National Team) , for what will be "The Concentration of Venezuelan athletes Domino", this initiative is scheduled for days 01, 02 and 03 April this year and takes place in the facilities of the Naval Hotel Catia La Mar. Importantly, pre-selected the 40 athletes (20 Women and 20 Men), will have the opportunity to demonstrate his extensive knowledge in this wonderful game of mind, noting that during the development of the concentration Arbitration will be a very strict conditions for Discipline shall be inviolable and those who commit offenses referred to therein, will be expelled from "the concentration of Athletes", The National Technical Committee with the support of the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" and have considered and determined, and will undoubtedly be one of the most important parameters Concentration, athletes must maintain decorum and behavior as faithful Domino Selected Pre Venezuela. During the course of the concentration of Athletes, National Technical Committee, evaluate the following aspects: • Assessment of technical competence with games of 100 points, all against all (19 rounds, individual mode), giving this condition the amount of (26 points).

• Written tests to assess skills of discipline and general knowledge of Laws and Regulations of the FVD. Awarded for this condition the amount of (16 points). After obtaining the results for these evaluations and added to those already established in the "Schedule of Venezuelan Domino", will rise to the "Venezuelan National Team for the 1st. Half of 2011 ", granting the Six (06) top athletes of each sex, the right to attend the Ninth World Domino Championship for couples and singles, to stage in the City of San José de Costa Rica. Results also shedding Competition Techniques and Testing applied to each of the athletes of both sexes and in addition to those set forth in the "Schedule" means arriving in the Twelve (12) first places, will be called again to integrate the 2nd, Concentration of athletes, to earn his place for the "World Team Championship VIII" to stage in the City of Abkhazia, which is scheduled for 17 to 21 October this year, it is clear that those who earn their position as Members of the National Team of the 1st. Half of 2011, may or may not be the same to represent us in the 2nd. National Team of Venezuela, as they will fight again, but this time with (12) athletes in their respective sexes, to try to repeat their merits and get the right to represent our country abroad as leading exponents of the discipline, noting that in this second "Concentration of Athletes" similarly classified only the first 6 athletes from each gender. Latest information as they say, that additional budget to get enough, The National Technical Commission of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", recommend the inclusion of athletes in terms of the resources obtained, warning that they will in the order they arrived from Competitions applied in the concentration of athletes, ie the 7th. Place later in strict order according to the results. Until the next installment and good luck to all.

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