miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Happy birthday already arrived at the 65 years fulfilled.

Dear friends, I am extremely pleased to inform you that I got at the age of 65, the needles keep walking and God thanks it has not stopped the clock, it is easy to say I am 65 years old, but really there are way to go to reach this age, I take this opportunity to give thanks to all the readers of my Blog, for all of us, we all read, which we all share, that Blog that already walked integer, where we are always informed of what happened in the Venezuelan dominoes and Domino international by 102 countries and 5 continents of the world.

I would like to say I am extremely pleased to enjoy this new anniversary with family and friends especially with all that I helped in a way or another to break into something wonderful as it is to "Write A book of Domino", where in addition to many of my experiences leave written, a series of concepts about this wonderful sport of the mind you convey to everyone without exception, which although you do not create is updated on a daily basis like any other, simple example of this are the following:

1 Repeat to death today very serious error in the modern Domino.
2 Table to death or table to the Terrible mistake walking in modern dominoes.
3 Stone fits is to fit completely false and misleading in the Domino.
4. Not go the fault or the false Minga completely nowadays is one of the plays more common and necessary on the output of the contrary.
5. The exit in hair today in day false, because that is the basis of information in hand.
6. Output mixed as this output must be running and why.
7. The persecution of a double to hang it where it should be and why.

Finally there are so many new elements of judgment "Concepts" that daily updated in Domino, which I have been obliged to describe them in a "book", devoting a chapter to each of these issues, reasoning them and supporting them properly so that is no doubt in this regard, in addition to that they observe and bear in mind the new techniques of the modern dominoes which will allow them to improve the level and the potential of each of you.

Good friends, I have to do that really do want, "FELIZ CUMPLAÑOS WILLIAM" and allow Dios to be many more, to continue discussing them to you, concepts, news and stories of national and international Domino. Finally cordial greetings to all and thank you. Photography: National for couples State Yaracuy Saturday 03/05/12 with my brother, companion and friend WILMER PRADA, excellent player of Domino, representing our beloved Association of Carabobo State.

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