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Dear friends, I am pleased to inform you that is a fact the "world Domino Championship" of 2012 in our beloved homeland VENEZUELA, inform accordingly below you them quote, communication officer issued by my dear brother Mr. JULIO BUITRAGO, in his capacity as Secretary General of the international Domino Federation "Fidelity".

By Julio Buitrago, Secretary General Fidelity
To cement the aspects which should delineate this event, the Venezuelan Federation of Domino (FVD) invited cordially to the directors of the International Federation of Domino (IDF) to a series of meetings held this week in the cities of Caracas and Valencia. For such purposes, received, Orlando, USA, from the visit of the Treasurer of Fidelity, Mr. Manuel Oquendo, who along with Lucas Guittard and Julio Buitrago integrated the Group of representatives from the Board of Directors of the Fidelity. The representatives of the FVD, Prof. Efrain Velasquez, Ms. Mireya Briceño and Enrique Paiva.

In the Venezuelan Italian Center we were greeted by Dino and Vincenso Camarano, Director of Informatics of the Fidelity and Director of arbitration of the FVD. In Valencia we were received by the directors of the Association of Domino of the Carabobo State, Victor Adante, Vincent Rosetti and Marcos Hernández, with whom we make visits of inspection to different hotels in the city. In the Ministry of the Popular power for the sport we were greeted by Franklin Cardillo Romero, Director General of Alta competition and Iris Carrasquel, representative of the Ministry for the Domino. In the Portuguese Center of Caracas, we were received by Tonny Dos Santos, his brother, John Dos Santos, Vice-President of the Centre, Mary Ramirez and Dr Severo Riestra, IDF Legal Advisor. To all the more expressive thanks for your kindness, courtesy and generosity.

Work meetings, defined very important aspects that we should highlight:

(1) Chose the city of Valencia as the venue for the World Championship.
(2) The event and the competitions will take place at the Hesperia Hotel (5 stars)
(3) Defined the date: Monday 17-Friday 21 September 2012.
(4) For the first time in the history of the World Championships of the Fidelity 3 modalities in a same event will be played: single women, single men, couples and teams (4 athletes).
(5) Cost of registration by athlete:
(a) for a single Championship: US 130
(b) for two Championships: US 200
(c) for three Championships: US 250
(6) Each mode will be played in 12 games.
(7) Recommendations to delegations:
(a) it is highly advisable to wear uniforms for competitions
(b) they must inform with enough time before the days of arrival and departure, numbers and flight schedules.
(c) if in need of assistance as soon as lodging, meals, transport, etc., must do so addresses, email and phones of the Organizing Committee: Efrain Velasquez, 0058 414 2931144, ejvrguacara@hotmail.com; Lucas Guittard, 0058 414 3263606, lucasguittard@gmail.com; Manuel Oquendo, 001 407 2522689, manuel.oquendo@dominousa.org; Mggie Cruz, maggie.cruz@dominousa.org, Mireya Briceño, 001 414 2476385, fvdsecretaria@gmail.com  and Julio Buitrago 0058 414 2641366, rppca2@gmail.com.
(d) accreditation of delegates: are asked to send a photo type card or passport type digitized our emails so that the Organizing Committee can print the ID card.
(8) Was appointed the technical Commission for the Championship, which was integrated was follows: Manuel Oquendo, CEO; Mireya Briceño, Technical Director; Oscar Navarro, Chief referee; Vincenzo Cammarano, Director of Informatics; May Sandia, Coordinator of the arbitration body; IRIS Carrasquel representative of the Ministry of sport.
(9) There will be the test anti-doping. It will be random and mandatory in order to participate in the World Championship. Test anti-doping will be under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Venezuela sport
(10) Is defined as the most important points of the General Programme:
• Registration: 1709 Monday and Tuesday 1809
• Count quick exhibition and tournament categories under the day Monday 1709
• Tuesday 1809:
(1) 9 am to 4 pm, Assembly General Fidelity
(2) 1 pm to 4 pm, course for international arbitrators
(3) 4 pm to 5: 30 pm, Congresillo technician to the delegates of each country, duly accredited.
(4) 6 pm opening act
(5) 9 pm exclusive dinner for the Organizing Committee and the Fidelity of the FVD, the Fidelity managers, managers of the FVD and special guests.

• Individual World Championship: 1909 Wednesday from 8: 30 am.
• Couples World Championship: Thursday, 2009 from 8: 00 am.
• World teams Championships: 2109 Friday from 8: 00 am.
• Awards ceremony and closing ceremony, Friday night, 40 minutes after completed the powers of the Team Championship.
• City Tour and other recreational activities: 1709 Monday and Tuesday 1809

Picture: Altar of the homeland State Carabobo - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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