lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

National mixed-team tournament results - Saturday 28/07/12

Dear friends, the partnership of Domino of Carabobo State, again rose to the podium to reach the gold and bronze medals respectively, in the "II Tournament national of teams mixed", performed on Saturday 280712 in the city of the door of the Trujillo State.

Without a doubt should be a recognition General, both to the ladies of the Carabobeño Domino, as their male athletes, but when I say General, is to refer also to the directors of the Association of the State, who every day exhausted its best efforts to make a Dominocista power in the events organized by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" of Carabobo State, in all categories, i.e.: (U-12, U-15, U-18, women's and men's).

Without a doubt we must recognize with pride and dignity, the coupling between managers and their athletes, permanent approach each and every one of the members of our beloved Association, all without exception really make a great team.

I can't or I overlooked, "Carabobo" today is synonymous with competitive team and above all "Fair play" in all categories, so I am honor to express to the four winds, that beautiful is the Domino as we often say "Pure Coco", without traps or low advantages.

Nor should I ignore, the magnificent performance of the athletes of the Anzoátegui State, who again rose to the podium for the silver medal, bravely Recalling performances of previous years, where we often saw athletes in the national team of the aforementioned Association, congratulations Venezuela my dear friend Elda Navarro, who took well to the reins of the Association.

Results of the event:
Gold Medal: Association of Carabobo.
Female members: Aura Fernandez, Veronica Carcamo and Maria Villegas.
Male members: Héctor "hijo" Ospino, José "Pepe" Ramoni and Elio Belandria.

Silver Medal: Association of Anzoategui.
Female members: Rina Cruz, Omaira Zabala and Liuris Maita.
Male members: Carlos Puche, Mervin Romero and Wilmer Flores.

Bronze Medal: Association of Carabobo.
Female members: Karina overflow, Maria Victoria Mendez, Gabriela Guevara.
Male members: Angelo Ramirez, Michael Diaz and Freddy Gomez.

Congratulations to those who managed the podium so long awaited and as a final point despite the distance (Trujillo State) broke the attendance record achieving the amount of 59 teams, joint integrated by 354 athletes from 15 State associations of Domino.

Congratulations to the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", for its usual call, Best regards Friends and up the next installment. Photography: Victor Adante, Aura Elena Fernandez and Veronica Cárcamo, some of the managers of the Association of Carabobo.

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