miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

The President of the INTERNATIONAL DOMINO FEDERATION Don Lucas Guittard at the solemn ceremony of opening.

I am extremely pleased to highlight verbatim the words of welcome and opening by my dear and beloved friend: DON LUCAS GUITTARD, President of the Federation International of Domino "FID", at the solemn opening of "X Championship world of Domino of the FID" modalities: Individual, couples and teams, events that will be held between the 20th and 23rd of June of the year 2013, in the city of Orlando, Florida - USA.

WORDS of the Chairman of the international Domino Federation, Lucas Guittard, during the opening ceremony of the Championship X World Domino of the FID.

Haunting and beautiful city of Orlando, home to Orange County, of the Orlando Sentinel, one of the newspapers largest State and the Orlando Magic, the most famous team of basketball, is now headquarters of the X Championship world of DOMINO of the FID.

Our sport, domino, is like touring an open book, which gives us feeling of open doors, which lead us to endless game strategies.

We are practicing it since the time of Marco Polo, the Venetian tireless traveller, who brought it to the West from Asian lands in the 13th century.

However, today, the greatness of our game, is based on what the average sports of greater social integration, consisting of male and female athletes on equal terms.

And therefore it is appropriate to recall a message of the father of modern production chains, Henry Ford, who told us that, "meeting is a beginning, staying together, progress and work together, a success".

It has been extremely hard work, impeccable organization, strategy and Assembly, consisting of a team masterfully chaired by Manuel Oquendo, Chairman of the USA DOMINO FEDERATION Jorge Friguls, President of the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE DOMINO USA.

Thank you, Manuel, Jorge thanks..!

And finally, receive my dear and beloved athletes, coming from the most distant cities and Nations, my greatest affection and appreciation..!

Friends will be until the next installment, which will be tomorrow Thursday 06/20/2013, where I'll be informing them of the first results of the Championship.

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