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Delegation Venezolana de Domino again San Petersburgo 12 and 13 October – 2013

Dear friends, I am very glad to inform you that during yesterday 06102013 Sunday traveled to the city of Petersburgo - Russia, a group of Venezuelans, who will attend the "II championship international of Domino Individual of St. Petersburg", organized by the Federation of Domino of such City, under the approval and supervision of the international Domino Federation "FID".

I am very pleased to share this news with all of you, because as you know the last time we visited the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, it was in May of 2009, in what was the "VII Championship world of Domino by pairs and Individual", in which we obtained silver medal in single, conquered by my dear friend: FRANCISCO KIKO OYARZABAL, hope this time at least to repeat and improve positions for that moment.

This beautiful group of athletes of the Domino Venezolano, all under the strict Supervision of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", which spared no effort through its Board of Directors in the persons of the Lords: EFRAIN VELASQUEZ RAMOS and VINCENZO CAMMARANO, President and Treasurer respectively of the "boats", who carried out coordination with the Ministry of sportto materialize the illusions of these great exponents of the Venezuelan Domino, achieving in this way the necessary sporting badges and sufficient, for which this extraordinary group of Venezuelans properly represent us in such an important competition.

Then with the taste giving to see the names of our friends wearing our Tricolor flag, I describe them the names of each of our athletes and the State associations which are involved in the Venezuelan Domino, noting that this group is composed of sixteen (16) extraordinary exponents of the Venezuelan Domino, where we can highlight fourteen men and two ladie sall without a doubt extraordinary exponents in the discipline:

FLOR LOZADA. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
GABRIELA MENESES. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
ALEXANDER CORDERO. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
CARLOS LUIS MARQUINA. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
FRANCISCO OYARZÁBAL. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
HÉCTOR OSPINO. – Asociación del Estado Carabobo.
JAIRO CORDERO. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
JHON CELIS. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
JHON URBINA. – Asociación del Estado Carabobo.
JORGE LUIS ARIAS. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
JOSE CARLOS RODDRÍGUEZ – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
LUIS ALBERTO MARQUINA. – Asociación del Estado Miranda.
OSTILIO PRADA. – Asociación del Estado Aragua.
SEVERO RIESTRA.  – Asociación del Distrito Capital.
TONY DOS SANTOS. - Asociación del Distrito Capital.
WILMER PRADA.  – Asociación del Estado Carabobo.

To wish the best of success to our dear friends, we invite you to be informed of the results, notably, that it will be it played exclusively under the Individual category, during the 12th and 13th of October of this year.

Greetings friends and many successes, that the spirit of our beloved and unforgettable "girl of gold of the Venezuelan domino" (DRA. LIGIA ROMERO), guide them to each and every one of the members of our delegation.

Photo: Palace and gardens of Peterhof - city of St. Petersburg.

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