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National Championship dominated by male and female teams city of San Felipe State Yaracuy – 19/10/2013

Dear friends, complying with the Federal Circuit corresponding to the year 2013, the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", programmed the national championship of dominoes, open category, mode by teams and valid masculine for the national Ranking, which will take place on Saturday 19/10/13 to 1.00 pm, and will be held at the "CENTRO HISPANO DE SAN FELIPE, EDO. YARACUY".

The event features:

- Date: Saturday 19 October 2013.
- Start time: 1:00 PM
- Registration: Until Friday 11 October 2013.
- Replacement: Until the day Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at noon.
- Classification system: Swiss, 9 departures of 100 as many cu.
- Mode: Male and female teams.

Now I wish everyone without exception the success and remember the members of the national selection of Venezuela, which will continue to be observed by the national technical Commission.

Dear readers, will then share with you, a brief and heartfelt appreciation of the history of the beautiful city of San Felipe Capital of Yaracuy State:

It was founded in the year 1729 and rebuilt entirely from 1812 because of the earthquake that shook the country and completely destroyed the city. From its foundation became one of the most important economic centers of Venezuela for being in one of the country's richest agricultural regions. While its preponderance over the colonial era has decreased, San Felipe is a city of economic importance in the West of Venezuela. San Felipe has an altitude of 250 meters above the sea level. The city is located at the foot of the sierra de Aroa, where the Yurubí National Park. This location allows you to have a pleasant climate, surrounded by exotic vegetation that makes the city very beautiful. One of its biggest attractions is the exotic tropical flora, where one can enjoy the beauty of the lush flora of the Venezuelan Western sierra region.

Finally, I would like to share with all of you, the origin of the name of our beautiful Yaracuy State: its name is derived from the voices Yara-Yaraí, which means to take water and Cui-Cu-i, beyond far; so YARACUY means take water from afar and its name was given in commemoration to the bravo CHIEFTAIN YARACUY, inhabitant of the banks of the main river in the State. The capital is the beautiful city of San Felipe, founded in 1732, and whose name was given in honor of the King of Spain at the time, Felipe V.

Photo: The Fort Museum Park.

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