domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

End of year message - "already reached December, already is sees the cross" Announcing to the world that Jesus came".

Dear friends with a tradition that dates back 50 years half a century again in our beloved "Cerro Ávila" shines for all Caracas "La Cruz de Ávila", marking the arrival of the month of December and the soon advent of "Child God", in this beautiful way is given formal start of Christmas in the Capital City "Caracas la Sultana de Ávila", "Arrived December already the cross, announcing to the world that Jesus came is".

Again I remember from this column to Dr. OSCAR MACHADO ZULOAGA, that God has you in his glory, one of the most ardent pioneers, enthusiast and fan of this beautiful tradition Caracas, I remember when we spent hours rehearsing to sing in the lighting of the "cross of el Ávila", precisely the Aguinaldo "CRUZ de AVILA" custom which quickly matched to the power of the "Arbolito de Chacao" where traditionally was home to the Christmas festivities than it was for him then the family of C.A. LA ELECTRICIDAD DE CARACAS.

The cross of el Ávila became the symbol of the Christmas of the Gran Caracas, filled with hope for children, women and men in thousands of homes Caracas, decreed in Caracas that it's already December who sends.

We have faith and hopes ask all together the child God to illuminate the world but mostly one families, to achieve a come 2014 totally promising and full of hope, where dreams and opportunities materialize, where peace, where they eradicate the robberies and attacks against life to thrive, where justice is blind and proceed as, where the effort is gratifying, where the assistance centers are equipped with medicines, equipment and above all suitable staff so take good care of our health, where the policy is minimized, where corruption is eradicated, where our leaders understand once and for all "that VENEZUELA is a and is of all".

Heart I wish them without exception or discrimination of class, creeds, genders, politicians, friends, enemies free, finally everyone a "Merry Christmas and happy year 2014", than the God bless you and our dear and beloved Cruz Ávila, reach all your homes and that stay forever and always illuminating them. Our children are distant in others, that God the protect, the care and the bless you always, that we've lost our beings dear, deeper solidarity in difficult times we have to go and remember without them, good to all the family of the world whole and especially of my homeland my always loved Venezuela I say "Glory to God in the heights and peace in land to the men of good will".

Friends with the permission of you efectuaré this personal comment, but you want to change the name to my beloved Hill, for my it will always be "The cross of EL ÁVILA" and our beloved "CARACAS" will always be the SULTANA of the Avila.

Assessing acts that took place throughout the year 2013 in our beloved sport (the dominoes), no doubt would say that it was a year full of successes, the directors of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" effort, especially in its President Professor EFRAIN VELASQUEZ RAMOS, as well as its athletes, was completely positive and tangible managed to achieve extraordinary meritsThe Federation and its athletes managed to Crown with medals: gold and bronze in the Championship world Domino teams, organized by the International Federation of Domino "FID", in June of 2013 in the city of Orlando, Florida USA. We also managed to reach the gold medal, silver and bronze, in the 2nd. St. Petersburg-Russia's Invitational Championship, carried out in October 2013.

Also our athletes (four) two ladies and two gentlemen, obtained the distinction of being decorated by the highest authorities of the Republic, for his active role as athletes of the Venezuelan Domino "Merit honour".

Also managed to reach one of the awards of most beautiful as it is without a doubt "YMCA of the 2013 sports citizen".

It managed to beat all the Records of attendance and participation in the events programmed by the "boats", where the power of Convocation, was totally extraordinary shining for all the Venezuelan geography.

Friends really Domino, its directors, managers and their athletes were on a high, an extraordinary year was my biggest and best congratulations to all those who in one way or another, intervened and helped to achieve and reach as high distinctions.

To these wonderful events, it is a great honour, again tell the world of Domino, the names of these extraordinary athletes, who walked the Tricolor flag peaking in all its splendor and giving us the great honour listen Glorieuses notes of our beloved national anthem, then the names of each of them:

Domino by teams of the Fidelity 2013 World Championships:

Gold Medal:

Bronze Medal:

Athletes-decorated "Honor to the merit" for the year 2013


II championship Domino St. Petersburg 2013 international:

Bronze Medal: JHON URBINA.

Prize: Sport YMCA 2013 citizen:

William Ríos Felce - Director technical of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD".

Finally I will conclude this paper with a thought of the father of the nation and liberator of Libertadores "The award to the merit is the act more AUGUSTO of the human being" SIMÓN BOLÍVAR - Congress of Angostura.

It will be up to the year coming (2014) if God allows us and gives us life, where I will again be with all of you talking about this wonderful sport of the mind called "Domino". (Photo: Cross of the Avila).

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