lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013

Results of the national tournament Clausura - November 2013

Dear friends, during the Sabbath 30112013 took place in the city of Maracaibo in Zulia State in the beautiful facilities of the village "Arquímedes Herrera", the last event of Domino corresponding to the Federal Circuit's biggest of the Federation Venezuelan of Domino "FVD", closing 2013 national tournament.

Competition remained really close from the beginning until the end, we were all aware that it was the last opportunity to get the points required to enter "The Pre selection national of Domino of Venezuela".

Then the order corresponding to the General classification of the tournament of the first ten (10) places:

Medalla de Oro: Jhon Celis/ Estado Miranda.
Medalla de Plata: Carlos Luis Marquina / Estado Miranda.
Medalla de Bronce: Karen Lorena López R. / Estado Lara.
4to. Puesto: Franklin Concepción / Estado Miranda.
5to. Puesto: Alvaro Rafael Cordova / Estado Zulia.
6to. Puesto: Rossio González / Estado Yaracuy.
7mo. Puest:  Alexander Cordero / Estado Miranda.
8vo. Puesto: Edgar Rodríguez / Estado Miranda.
9no. Puesto: Manuel de Jesús Mendoza  / Estado Nueva Esparta.
10mo. Puesto: Wilmer Flores / Estado Anzoátegui.

Dame gladly congratulate all who participated in this last national event, as well as the organizers, in the person of the dear friends of the partnership of Domino from Zulia State: July, Angel, Moises and César, who once again dispensed us kindness and attentions accustomed, also to the athletes of the aforementioned Association Paola, Ruddy, Wolfang, Leyza, in short to each and every one of them, who made us to share not only the heat of the region, but also the warmth of charming people Zuliana.

Friends, I am particularly proud to have received a tribute I made the Board of Directors of the Association of Zulia (ASODOZU), who in addition received attention, gave me a beautiful plaque of recognition of the merits achieved during the year 2013, also gave me a beautiful statuette of lLa Snatisima Virgen de Chiquinquira our venerated "Chinita", Paola and Ruddy, athletes of Zulia, who gave me a beautiful Keychain with the image of our Blessed Virgin of Chiquinquirá "La Chinita". I thank Dr. Sandra Maple of the partnership of Domino Lara state, who gave me a Preciosos child Jesus, with a very beautiful and heartfelt words, I must also thank the athlete Margarita Alvarez, Capital District, who graciously handed me a beautiful pen with my name engraved, all you many thanks really didn't expect me so much goodness and so much kindness, I finally appreciate my brothers: Miguel Angel Domínguez González and Alexander Cordero, who took me from Caracas a bag with my favorite mangoes and tangerines fruits, carrying in their hands by the airport so beautiful detail, thank you friends, thank you I wish there was a word more beautiful and taste to say them.

Tomorrow 03/12/2013 will have the pleasure to publish to the world, the twenty (20) Pre selected by gender, which give origin to the new Domino of Venezuela national team in both genders, which will have the immense honour to represent us during the corresponding to the year 2014 Fiscal year.

Noteworthy of these twenty (20) athletes by gender, they will be called in December 2013, to the concentration of athletes, in order to establish and implement the regulations provided for in the regulation of the technical Commission to the "scale of the Domino Venezolano", which will give origin to the new members of the "national selection of Venezuela", who will be our genuine representatives of the Tricolor flag in the upcoming international competitions.

Photo: Sports village "Arquímedes Herrera".

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