lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Clarification and responses to emails received by the Honorable Members of the International Domino Federation "FID"

Gentlemen All:

I feel compelled to make a clarification of the words expressed in my column, about "the repetitive errors International Domino Federation" FID ".

In this regard I will say the following:

I think it's wonderful to apply disciplinary sanctions to those who tarnish the Domino with the Signs and benefits outside the discipline, I applaud and share fully all the provisions of the Regulations of the "FID" is more, I would like the Cards Cumulative be applied and thus keep a record on, simply to prevent those who tarnish the International Domino, continuing its Misdeeds (This was my north my whole life as a performer of this wonderful game of mind).

Also I should make it expressly clear the reasons that prompted me to make the decision to write about:

Arbitration has been committing a continuous series of mistakes to the detriment of Venezuelan equipment, in this sense take the opportunity to make clear what were the repeated errors have occurred:

Pairs World Championship in Las Vegas - Nevada USA: In the table the referee ordered number 01 looking to shuffle the Roof (I wish to inform me that part of the Regulations of the "FID" appears or is referred to this action). He then ordered a hand where all shuffle had already chosen their seven (7) Chips, is Outgoing had seen your hand, eye, and also the referee had seen that part of the Regulations of the "FID" is set This action, which the Arbitrator will shuffle one hand, well these decisions hurt Venezuela, Dominican favoring Team.

World Pairs Championship in Costa Rica: Meeting between Dominican Republic and Venezuela, while eventually tie the Technical Committee realized that the application of a Yellow Card, are tied to equal numbers of both informs the Chief Umpire, which the next day ordered the replay competition once the site being decided by the arbitrator will do it in four (4) hands, violating the regulations of the "FID" which provides one (1) extra hand. (To the detriment of Venezuela, the first hand was won by Venezuela).

Abkhazia World Team Championship 2011: The Standard was perfectly defined, first a verbal warning scoring in the match report the decision to re-offend Yellow Card application, this action is not well served by the game vs. Venezuela. Dominican Republic, where the judge without any reason to sit the four players, even before starting the game, said, all four are Booked, I think a foundation totally treacherous and unethical, and not by a referee in a Championship World, it happened that one of the Venezuelan players joined the game ending position of the hand and was expelled from the competition through suspension. (Injured in Venezuela again).

Another point that I should not miss, "The Chambers" arranged in the Hall of Game, was really a farce, I would imagine it to intimidate the flagship of Domino, I adhered to exercise the Authority of the Standard is more than enough about it, do not be deceived steadily and child participating Athletes.

Espresso with all the sincerity of the case that I am not and never will agree with people who exercise similar authority or belittling their hit, never share or not share that view, I have friends in all walks of life in my country, are Knights all the expression of the word, but when sitting at a table Domino or participate in a Domino Event, transform and become the opposite of those that are in everyday life, and unfortunately that usually happens very often and we accept as a reality, as this happens and is the saddest thing is that it is uncontrollable and just happens on the other hand I think I do not believe anyone for exercising relevant positions in the work history of their country of origin and speak several languages, have the right to look down on his fellow man, we all have the right to be wrong, I firmly believe the mistake and for the welfare of all is not a defect is a divine grace.

Well I see the article published in my column was used for the reunion of members of the International Domino Federation "FID", which I am happy to see manifests solidarity of each of these gentlemen, it seems worthy of praise than a Team always stay together despite their differences, but also with great sadness that I see people who do not even know, are given the authority to "qualified" to get adjectives totally inhospitable and ill-intentioned, good to tell them one of the Thoughts Our Founding Father SIMON BOLIVAR "IS SO VILE THAT DEFAMES BY THE INEP AND FRUSTRAD, AS THE ENEMY WITHOUT UNCONSCIOUSLY DISCLOSE SURE THAT THE TRUTH".

Finally I will tell you who know my history of public men, that two (2) occasions I have been Executive Director of my country, my beloved Venezuela, in I have also enjoyed high status and Cultural Education in my country, in Gallons few words that I have as a public man, I also I have cattle on the basis of effort, dedication and responsibility.

In short, Lords of the International Domino Federation "FID" I do not share the arbitrary decisions that are not based on the Standard, I totally agree that we must root out those who tarnish the fair play that I applaud and take communion 100% Decisions of the "FID", but again, these decisions must be made respecting the rules, ie a right, not enough intent, which will always prevail Action, I firmly believe and Education agrees with the care I always I like to treat it that way. My criteria is not sold or marketed, in fact I had several offers for sponsorship of my blog, which I always keep one rejected by independent criteria, that at no time was curtailed see interest from third parties, no disrespect to anyone and if there is someone who always has been running the International Domino Federation "FID" with pride and great satisfaction was me, suffice to see all the writings of this blog, dating from 2008, just as I say if you do not do well, but unfortunately they'll be the first to disturb items, please meditate on this, when we took office we are subject to reviews and other sound often uncertain, but always with the maturity of knowing how to accept, finally I will tell people who do not know me and dares to criticized as irresponsible happily, that solidarity should not be criticizing anyone, much less to disparage those who do not know, also tell these people that I first been and am a citizen of life Example in my country, nor drink nor do I take scenes or contrary to morality and decency and not live past master, this is and will always be my beloved hobby.

Gentlemen do it well and always will be his most fervent ally and admirer, if not even bother I'll be in position against its decisions.

Order and turned the page of my life in this sense, ie do not speak or comment on it again, I left my well-established criterion, if is shared or not, is your will, my own I agree, it really is worth and what counts in my opinion, I repeat do not do things to please others or to anyone in particular, what I do and say is because I feel it. I know it hurts to say but if not I'll say publicly "Exim TOTALLY THE VENEZUELAN FEDERATION OF DOMINO "FVD", with the Articles in my Blog, as they are and always will be totally personal positions. Until the next installment.

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