lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Preview Training Base for the "FVD" to our beloved Children

The Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" in its ongoing effort Dominoes massively-oriented Venezuelan Seed of our country, very specifically Our Children Beloved Children, continues to deplete its best efforts to achieve the Mission Cuba - Venezuela, a base training in Havana Republic of Cuba, in the following categories: Under 12, Under 15 and Under 18, fully oriented National Ranking Results of the Year 2010.

This beautiful 24 Children initiative to bring Venezuelans to the City of Havana, has not been achieved, because the Delta Amacuro State Association has not yet achieved the Passport and Authorisation Letters from Parents of children involved however the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", extended communication to the Mission Authority Cuba - Venezuela, requesting extension to have the documents in order, running far to the days: from 12 to 16 December this year, We are awaiting the response to proceed accordingly.

Also the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", announced in 2012 that materialize Training Base in the City of Havana, but this time with 36 children from the categories: Under 12, Under 15 and Under 18, depending Results of National Ranking of the Year 2011.

Undoubtedly, this initiative of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" is a beautiful way to country and bring our Mind Sports School, achieving the motivation and support state and Associations of the Ministry of Popular Power for Sports of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which certainly I dare to predict success early, giving flowers and fruit in our beloved children. Until the next installment.

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