domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Results of National Closing Tournament – 2011

Dear friends, during the day Saturday 26/11/2011 with an attendance of 304 registered athletes Record for this type of events, was played in the city of Maracay Aragua state in the Syrian Center Facility, the last tournament for the Circuit apex of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" 2011, "National Tournament Closing" Competition remained fierce indeed from the beginning to the end, everyone was aware that was the last chance to get the points needed to belong to which will be hereinafter "Pre National Team of Venezuela," we were delighted to observe how the Venezuelan Domino Ladies were bright all the time once again demonstrating that they are not second to none, occupying sites of distinction as Four (04) They went to the Ten (10) top of the competition, then the event results:

Gold Medal: Luis Marcano Jorege / Won 08 Lost 01 - State of Bolivar.
Silver Medal: Nilda Velazquez / Won 08 Lost 01 - State Cojedes.
Bronze Medal: Vanessa Carrillo / Won 08 Lost 01 - State of Miranda.
4to. Since Silvia Maurera / Won 08 Lost 01 - Delta State Amacuro.
5th. Position: Emiliano Abreu / Won 08 Lost 01 - State of Trujillo.
6th. Since Jose Espino / Won 08 Lost 01 - Carabobo State.
7th. Since Cardenas Osman / Won 08 Lost 01 - Carabobo State.
8vo. Title: Roman Alexander Yon / Won 07 Lost 02 - State Cojedes.
9th. Title: Pascual Darbisi / Won 07 Lost 02 - State of Miranda.
10th. Title: Dulce Ruiz / Won 07 Lost 02 - State of Miranda.

I am pleased to congratulate all those who participated in the last national event, as well as their organizations, in this case the Aragua State Association and the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD". Athletes also climbed the podium, to wear the Gold, Silver and Bronze, my sincere congratulations to all of them and especially to our beloved Ladies of Venezuelan Domino, which arrived on: Second, Third, Fourth and Tenth position . I also comment on the closeness of the competition, because from first to seventh place, winning all 08 games and losing only 01 and decide on the finishing position for cash and points.

We are processing information pertaining to "NATIONAL RANKING", to inform all of you were elected as the new "Pre dominated Venezuelan National Team in Women and Men" since become Venezuela's National Team Pre, the first Twenty ( 20) Female Athlete of the rank and the first Twenty (20) Male Athletes of the Ranking, taking the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD" through its National Technical Committee Domino, who determined according to a series of scores that are derived from implementing the "National Schedule", and is inherent in the participation of each of these athletes together, to make this new Pre National Team in what will be "The National Team of Venezuela", as set by the Millennium "FVD", with regard to the Representation of Venezuelan athletes in international competitions.

Finally, I must report back to the vast majority of Venezuelan Domino Athletes who must ask the leaders of their respective Associations, requesting at the next Assembly of Delegates, that this " National Closing Tournament ", is by gender, given the importance of being the last Tour event of the Venezuelan Federation Federated Domino "FVD", and defines which athletes will go to occupy the top 20 national ranking. The interpretation being made, since the vast majority of athletes do not know which are the State Authority Associations through the Assembly of Delegates, according the circuit states of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD".

Finally, I must report back to the vast majority of Venezuelan Domino Athletes who must apply to the respective leaders of their Best regards and once again my heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of the athletes who attended in the last Competition 2011. Until the next installment.

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