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IX world Domino Championship - Carabobo - Venezuela September 2012

Dear friends, continuing with the newsletters issued by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", about the activities planned for the IX Championship world of Domino, then inform you them quote of the content of the Bulletin Newsletter No. 02.

(Individual, couples and teams)
Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela been
17 to 21 September 2012
Hotel Hesperia WTC Valencia

Under countless questions related to the holding of the IX world Domino Championship of the FID, give answer to some questions which we hope are useful to all participating athletes.
Frequently asked questions:

1. Have the obligation to enroll in the three (03) Championships?
Answer: No, each athlete may enroll in the mode you prefer. The registration fee is established in information bulletin # 01.

2. If I am female athlete I have to play the modality couples with another athlete?
Answer: No, this modality has separation of genders, therefore all couples will be considered equal. Athletes can form pairs of same or different gender.

3 If I am female athlete I have to play the form teams with other athletes?
Answer: No, this modality has separation of genders, therefore all equipment shall be considered equal. Teams made up of athletes from the same or different gender may form.

4. How does the modality by teams?
Answer: The teams are made up by four (04) athletes who play the twelve (12) rounds by rotating it between if, so that each athlete will play four (04) items with each of the members of the team.

5. How it operates the situation of the alternate mode team?
Answer: This method provides the possibility of replacement of a (01) athlete for each team. It is the only mode that allows this situation and involves the use of a technical nature for its efficient operation strategies. It is very useful when presents the position that any member of the team was imposed of red card and another card of any color would be expelled from the competition cancelling any possibility of the team's success. It can also be used as a strategy of strengthening the situation of low performance of any member of the team athlete.

6. How to use the alternate athlete in team mode?
Answer: You must be registered as such within the corresponding also cancelling the respective registration fee. You can enter in any round or play whenever and wherever to start the same, never in the middle of a game. You must announce the referee of the match at the time of the entry of the substitute, who will bring it on the scoring sheet. The replaced athlete may not re-enter the Championship under any circumstances.

7 Drove an athlete member of my team with black card, I can replace it?
Answer: No, if this situation arises not may in no case be replaced the expelled athlete, the team will be with three (03) athletes by Lys on a table for the rest of the competition. The only replacement is valid for active athletes, not for expelled.

8 Am Venezuelan athlete but I not enrolled within the established period, I can do it later?
Answer: For the registration of Venezuelan athletes was established as the deadline on July 31, with the advantage for its registration in Bolivar. If after this date some Venezuelan athlete want joining the event must wait the lapse of registration for foreign athletes that will be on 17 and 18 September with the particularity that must do it in dollars, as all the foreign participants.

9. What should the uniform be?
Answer: The regulation of the international Domino Federation States that the uniform should be shirt or shirt with neck shifted (type chemisse) and long pants to the ankle. Prohibits the use of skirts, spandex, Bermuda or fishermen. Modalities by couples and teams all members must be uniformed equally both in shape, colour and distinctive.

10. How is the score in this competition?
Answer: The items have limit two hundred (200) points or forty and five (45) minutes (whichever occurs first). When an athlete dominates a hand there will be not played the opposite couple chips points more not played his companion chips. Tranca situation will be awarded the winning couple of the same the sum of all points of the cards of the two couples.

11. How is the accumulation of cards?
Answer: Because it is a world with three (03) modes (solo, couples and teams) Championships cards imposed on athletes have cumulative nature over the (03) three days of competition, therefore if any athlete is expelled not you can continue in any another modality.

12 We are two couples that we put both modalities by couples and teams, if in the form tag was expelled any of us can replace it for the modality by teams?
Answer: No, if they had no care to register an alternate athlete in team mode not may incorporate into one at the last minute, the same happens if any member of the team must withdraw for reasons of health or of force majeure.

13 I enrolled in three (03) modalities and I could not get or arrived late to the individual modality, which is my situation?
Answer: When an athlete does not appear to play a game and lose by Lys the same, the offender remains with red card consider this situation serious misconduct. To not appear in the next round he is imposed a second red card resulting in a black card and the expulsion of all the World Championship, i.e. all modalities.

14 Am Venezuelan athlete enrolled at the World Championships, and for reasons beyond my control I can not participate in it, which is my situation?
Answer: in this case the alternative that exists is that you replace you another athlete, for which you must notify it formally, providing way scanned the identity cards of your replacement. There is, in any case, reinstatement of money. The deadline for replacements under this heading will be September 18 until 09: 00 pm. The day of the competition there will be no changes in this regard, without exception.


Photography: Battle of Carabobo oil of Martín Tovar y Tovar, on June 24 1821 was fought the battle of Carabobo, which sealed the independence of Venezuela.

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