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IX world Domino Championship - Carabobo - Venezuela September 2012

Dear friends, continuing with the newsletters issued by the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", about the activities planned for the IX Championship world of Domino, then inform you them quote of the content of the BULLETIN NEWSLETTER N ° 03

(Individual, couples and teams)
Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela been
17 to 21 September 2012
Hotel Hesperia WTC Valencia


Under countless questions related to the holding of the IX world Domino Championship of the Fidelity, we give response to new questions which we hope are useful to all participating athletes.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Want to participate as arbiter of the Championship, what should I do?
Answer: If met the expectations of participation, must be around 250 tables, for which we will need a minimum of 25 to 30 referees. Stakeholders will have to study and adopt an international referees training course that will dictate the international Domino Federation (IDF) Tuesday, September 18. The Organizing Committee guarantees them to selected as follows:
• 04 Nights in exclusive hotel for arbitrators staff accommodation.
• 05 Days (Bs. daily 250,00).
• Daily transportation to the Hall of the event.
• Daily remuneration (Bs. daily 700,00).
• Uniform.
• Certificate that accredits them as international referees.

2 I would like to participate in the training course of international arbitrators but I play the Championship, I can do?
Answer: No, only applicants to serve as arbitrators will be undertaking the course. Although training of arbitrators is the responsibility of the international Domino Federation (IDF), the Venezuelan Federation of Domino (FVD) scheduled some days of preparation of applicants for this course, so that they arrive with a solid background to it. The Conference will be announced via the website www.federacionvenezolanadedomino.com, are outstanding.

3. What will be the cost for the realization of the training course of international arbitrators and as put my registration?
Answer: The cost will be Bs. 200,00 and you must make your registration depositing the corresponding amount in the following account:
RIF J-30825392-8
BANCO DE VENEZUELA - has current No. 0102 0275 2800 0001 0757
Once made the deposit or transfer you must scan the receipt along with your identity card and send it to the following e-mail address:

4 Am Venezuelan athlete and I wish to enroll in the event, can I cancel my quota of Cadivi internet using?
Answer: The Venezuelan athletes have until July 31st (without extension) to cancel entries (which are in U.S. dollars) in local currency, i.e. in bolivares to the official exchange rate (1 dollar 4.30 bolivars). If after that date some Venezuelan want register must do so in dollars with foreign athletes. If you want to use its quota of internet which gives the Exchange Administration Commission (Cadivi) can do by transferring the amount corresponding to this bank account:
FIFTH THIRD BANK - 11501 Curry Ford Rd Orlando, Florida, 32825
Account Number: 7440757172
Route Number: 042000314
Swift Code: FTBCUS3C

5 I am athlete that I represent a country other than Venezuela at the World Championships, I make my registration before July 31 canceled in BS?
Answer: No, because it is an international competition both the registration and the award they are in USD. In Venezuela there is a change control and residents in the country do not have freely access to dollars at the official exchange rate. To apply for the conversion of all entries made by Venezuelans in bolivars to dollars before the Exchange Administration Commission (Cadivi), we require a reasonable time for processing, for this reason close entries on July 31 for Venezuelan athletes in Bolivar.

6 Can form pairs or teams with athletes of different nationalities?
Answer: No, because it is a World Championship athletes representing their respective countries. Modalities for couples and teams must play with athletes of the same nationality, without exception.

7 Am Venezuelan athlete, I must be affiliated to the Venezuelan Federation of dominoes in order to participate in the competition?
Answer: No, the governing body of this World Championship is the international Domino Federation (IDF), therefore any athlete without any restriction or requirement, except your proper registration and uniformity is empowered to participate in the competition.

8 Are federated in Venezuela athletes, cannot accept couples I teams with athletes of different federal entities (States)?
Answer: Yes, there is no limitation in this regard.

9 Is there any Convention or special rate agreed with the Hotel Hesperia WTC Valencia for the participants of the event?
Answer: Yes, the hotel management is preparing a special package corporate for the participants of the event, with generous discounts for accommodation and food. In the next few hours we will be publishing the agreed rates.

10 Does the Organizing Committee provided some alternate activities to the Championship?
Answer: Yes, especially for the participants from other countries (not limited). You are expected to make Monday 18 and Tuesday, September 19 visits to places of interest in the city of Valencia and nearby such as: Paseo Campo de Carabobo, Bolivar Plaza, Plaza de Toros Monumental de Valencia, San Esteban National Park, Park Fernando Peñalver Park black Hippolyta Aquarium in Valencia, reservoir Guataparo, Centre thermal Las trenches, among others. Visits to theme parks such as Park aquatic dunes, Inter Park attractions, binary world, among others will be programmed. In addition will be scheduled visits to modern and luxurious malls that has the city of Valencia. The day Saturday September 21 will be scheduled a tour full day to the Morrocoy National Park, in the Falcón State, where some of the paradisiacal beaches more beautiful in the world.


Photo: Temple located in the Central town of the Naguanagua municipality.

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