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Concentration of athletes in the Venezuelan Domino, giving rise to new members of the national team of Venezuela

The Commission technical national of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD", in accordance with the provisions of its rules of procedure, continues making history in the Venezuelan Domino, to quote again, 20 first athletes of the Ranking national in both sexes (National Pre selection), for what will be "La concentration de athletes of the Domino Venezolano", this initiative, ruled for the next week during the Thursday days, November 29 until Saturday 01 of December of this year including This Act shall be made in the "Golden Contry Club" facilities, located in the Miranda State lived-go-carts highway. It is important to note that the 40 athletes Pre selected (20 women and 20 masculine), will have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in this wonderful game of mind, noting that during the development of concentration, there will be an extremely strict arbitration, the conditions corresponding to discipline shall be inviolable and those who engage in misconduct there referred to, will be ejected from "La concentration of athletes As well the national technical Commission with the support of the Board policy of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD", have considered and decided. Also athletes shall maintain at all times the decorum and proper behavior, in compliance with the rules laid down for the concentration of athletes of the year 2013.

During the development of the concentration of athletes, the technique National Commission, will assess the following aspects: national Ranking last year and three years, cards I sanctions applied to athletes, responsibility and discipline, participation in the Federal Circuit 'FVD' in the past two years, in addition to the aspects that set out below:

• Evaluation techniques of competition with games to 100 goals, all against all 19 rounds (single mode), granting to this condition (26 points).

• Written tests to evaluate technical discipline knowledge and general knowledge of statutes and regulations governing the matter. Giving to this condition (16 points).

Once obtained the results corresponding to these assessments and added to those already laid down in the "Venezuelan Domino yardstick", will give origin to the "corresponding to the year 2013 Venezuelan national selection", giving eight (08) first athletes of each gender, the right to attend to the "X Domino by pairs, teams and Individual World Championship", to stage in the Hotel facilities: "THE FLORIDA HOTEL" AT THE FLORIDA MALL, 1500. Sand Lake Road Orlando Florida USA, from 17 to 23 June of 2013.

The Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", achieve additional budgetary resources jointly with the technical National Commission, will proceed to the incorporation of athletes depending on the results obtained, always keeping the order in which arrived in the competitions, i.e., the ninth place onwards, this same situation apply in cases in which any of the classified athletes, do not get the corresponding visa, i.e. always will be in strict order according to the results obtained.

As a last remark, I will say to my dear readers, that from Wednesday 211112 was appointed member of the Commission technical national of Venezuelan Federation Domino from Domino "FVD", with the responsibility of again becoming the Technical Director of the national selection of Venezuela. Up to the next delivery and good luck to all. Photo: 2010 national selection.

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