lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Results from the national closing Tournament - November 2012

Dear friends, during the day Saturday 171112 took place in the city of Maracaibo in Zulia State in the beautiful facilities of the Villa "Arquímedes Herrera", the last Domino event corresponding to the circuit Federativo of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD", closing 2012 national tournament, the competition really remained contested from the beginning to the end, we were all aware that it was the last chance to get the necessary points to belong to what will be in it referred to as "the Pre selection national of Venezuela".

Gave us great pleasure to observe the way as the ladies of the Venezuelan dominoes were all the brilliant time proving that they are not second nobody, occupied sites of distinction already five (05) of them entered among the ten (10) top of the competition, following the results of the event:

Gold Medal: Carlos Luis Marquina / State Miranda.
Silver Medal: Ernesto Vargas / State Trujillo.
Bronze Medal: Pierr Casibee / State Cojedes.
4th. place: Yudasmin Mata / State Miranda.
5th. post: Betty Urdaneta /State Trujillo.
6th. post: Belén Rivas / State Delta Amacuro.
7th. post Luis Alberto Marquina / State Miranda.
8vo. post: Carolina Méndez / State Miranda.
9th. post: Teresita Bermudez Rodriguez / State Aragua.
10th. post: Eleazar Benítez / State Zulia.

Well I must congratulate all those who participated in this last national event, as well as its organizers, in the person of Dr. JULIO RUIZ and dear members of the the Association of Zulia State, together with the Professor EFRAIN VELASQUEZ RAMOS President of the directive of the Federation Venezolana de Domino "FVD" and equipment that accompanies it.

The State of Miranda was showcased through their athletes, to occupy the first position CARLOS LUIS MARQUINA, fourth position YUDASMIN MATA, seventh position LUIS ALBERTO MARQUINA and eighth position CAROLINA MENDEZ, I must also highlight the silver medal achieved by the athlete ERNESTO VARGAS, of the Association of Domino of the Trujillo State, as well as fifth place achieved by the athlete BETTY URDANETA also already referred Association, the third position, took it our dear friend and colleague in the League Interclubs of Domino the great Caracas, our personal friend: PIERR CASIBEE, reaching the bronze medal by the Association of Domino of the Cojedes State, my most sincere congratulations to all them and especially to our beloved ladies of the Venezuelan Domino.

I am waiting for the results of the "national RANKING", to inform them as the new "Pre selection national of Domino Venezuelan in women and in men" was constituted respectively, since they are Pre selection national of Venezuela, the first twenty (20) athletes of the Ranking female and the first twenty (20) athletes of the Ranking male.

It should be noted that these twenty (20) athletes by gender, they will be called in December 2012, the concentration of athletes, in order to establish and implement the regulations of the "scale of the Domino Venezolano", which will give origin to the new members of the "national selection of Venezuela", who will be our genuine representatives of the patriotic Tricolor in upcoming international competitions. Photo: Villa Deportiva "Arquímedes Herrera".

Receive a cordial greeting and up to the next delivery as always. All friends nationally and internationally, who are interested in purchasing my book of Domino, please write to me at mail: in order to formalize the order.

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