domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

National Tournament closing November 2012

Dear friends, the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FVD", prepares to culminate the "Federative circuit of the year 2012", with Nacional Clausura tournament, which will be held on Saturday 17112012 in the sports village of Zulia "Arquímedes Herrera" of the city of Maracaibo of Zulia State.

Should be noted that this event coincides with one of the most beautiful sample geography, "The traditional fair of la Chinita", which begins on October 27 with the descent of the "Blessed Virgin of Chiquinquirá" and the traditional lighting of lights along the Bella Vista Avenue made this November 2, where thousands of Christmas decorations and lights give you life along the 32 blocks, from the plaza El Angel to the Padilla Avenue, in the center of the marabina city.

In this way will be giving home to the celebration of the forty seventh fair of the Chiquinquira - "Blessed Virgin of la Chinita", promoted not only by the regional authorities of the Zulia State, but also by the totality of its inhabitants and all States of our beloved Venezuela, notably the great Fiesta of Venezuela culminates in the Basilica of the Chiquinquira where the zuliano people revive their faith in the solemn Eucharistic Celebration and procession of the Virgin by the sectors closest, returning to the square where it will be received to the contagious rhythm of the bagpipe.

The marabinos and visitors will enjoy the talents of regional and national musicians where bagpipes and partying, will be adorned with the national and regional floats in the familiar and popular parade, just as we also enjoy traditional bullfights and the game of Base Ball and large own event organized attractions.

So I hope in this last event of the Domino Venezuelan corresponding to the year 2012, where they arise according to the results of the national Rankin new members of "La selection national of dominoes of Venezuela in women and in men". Original image of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, as it is housed in the basilica of the same name in Maracaibo, Venezuela. File: Monument to the Virgin of Chiquinquira.

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