martes, 11 de mayo de 2010


Dear Friends, they are ready VIII preparations for the World Domino Championship Pairs and Single, which will be staged from 24 to 29 May 2010 in the City of Las Vegas - Nevada - USA.

It presents a great challenge for our country, as it is trying again obten3r World Domino Championship Pairs and Individual, whereby they aware of this, the Venezuelan Federation of Domino, through their Associations, Leagues and Clubs , has been preparing the national team male and female to try wherever possible to maintain hegemony in this sense, are already making preparations for the merger of National Team athletes, which will integrate all the couples (two female and three male), which represent us in this great event.

Without falling into predictions and false expectations, I think we're ready to play a great role and deliver our best efforts to defend our titles Campeoniles it earned in 2007 in Havana in Cuba in 2008 in Orlando - USA, and sub. Individual World Championship won in 2009 in St. Petersburg - Russia and Women's World Team Championship in 2009 obtained in Panama City - Panama.

So I invite international and national level, to participate in long-awaited International Competition, which will award a prize to be distributed quite striking in cash up to U.S. $ 40,000.00 for those who finish among the top ten couples of the event.

I want from now, as an observer, critic and member of the National Team of Venezuela, wish you success and good luck to each and every one of my girls and my boys as I say. Let's all Organized Play Town, where many dreams come true, where the City of Las Vegas is really so wonderful, you definitely have to live, and that any comment is made, will always be small in this wonderful city, but above all to tell the world once again that the Venezuelan Women Bella not only, but also what is enough talent, also show that the Men's Team Venezuela is second to none and is ready to validate and obtain again the title of World Champions, Venezuela and Gloria up for their players.

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