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Final Results of the Eighth World Domino Championship - Individual and couples - Las Vegas / Nevada / USA. – 2010

Dear Friends, is offered as debt, then be able to know the details of the "World Domino VIII Pairs and Individual", staged in the City of Las Vegas / Nevada / USA. Truly a new unforgettable event, staged in one of the most beautiful, modern and impressive in the world.

First I will say the final order for "COUPLES", informing them that it played a total of 15 games to 200 with a time of 40 minutes each for their implementation, then the order of arrival for the first 10 places Tag:

1st. Place Gold Medal: Joaquín Martínez - Claudio Euribe / Dominicana
2nd. Place Silver Medal: Robin Tejeda - Roberto López / Dominicana
3rd. Place Bronze Medal: Miguel Rodríguez / Eleazar Bastard - Venezuela
4th. José Alberto Ribas Place - Jorge Luis Arias / Venezuela
5th. Place Friedrich de La Rosa - Clotilde de Tapia / Panamá
6th. Place Carlos Marquina - Jairo Lamb / Venezuela
7th. Víctor Martínez Medel - Lilia M. Talancon / México
8th. Place Francisco Camacho F. / Antonio J. Pérez / Spain
9th. Place Oyarzabal Francisco - Rafael Hernández / Venezuela
10th. Place John Urbina - José de Freitas / Venezuela

As you can see between the Dominican and Venezuela, took seven of the top ten Pairs Event.

They also reported that in the "INDIVIDUAL", was played 12 games with 200 goals each one, final order of the top 10 places in single mode:

1st. Place Gold Medal: Jose Guzman / Dominican
2nd. Place Silver Medal: Jorge Luis Arias / Venezuela
3rd. Place Bronze Medal: Ramón Méndez / Puerto Rico
4th. Location José Francisco Elizondo / México
5th. Place Homer Echevarreneta / Venezuela
6th. Place Carlos Marquina / Venezuela.
7th. Place Francisco Garcia / Mexico
8th. Place Whon Angel Sanchez / Mexico.
9th. Rafael Villarreal / Panamá
10th. Jean Mark Welvaart / Curacao

As you can see Venezuela and Mexico, took six (06) of the top ten as Individual Event details Significant, Dominican also won the event.

Best Performance by couples in the "FEMALE": Gold Medal for the couple consisting of: LUCYMAR GAMBOA and OMAIRA ZABALA / Venezuela, which arrived at No. 20 of the Competition, with 10 wins and 05 losses.

Best Performance in the Individual "FEMALE": Gold Medal for GILDA DE ABREU / Venezuela, with 08 wins and 04 losses.

As the Ladies Event competed against the men, only Gold Medal awarded to those that occupied the best figuration of the Event, I repeat that the Venezuelan Women are not only fine but also play very well at dominoes, bravo these wonderful girls. I also want to Honor of Merit, as the couple Women made up LUCYMAR GAMBOA and OMAIRA ZABALA, always demonstrated a great ability in the game, being long in the first tables of Event.

Bravo to each and every one of the participants of this wonderful event, which also will go down in history as the best of all World Organization made so far, and particularly to those who took the podium so longed medalists, as well as those who completed within ten (10) First places, Glory to each and every one of Them.

Well loved and respected readers, with the reassurance of having complied with each and every one of you, I cordially dismissal, communicating to start their preparations to meet in the month of October-November 2010, Dominican Republic, where he made World Team.

My personal observation, the couple whose game seemed so clean and honorable as the one I practice, it was definitely that of Spain represented by the Lords: Francisco Camacho F. / Antonio J. Perez, who at all times not only played a Domino height, but also clean and Excellence, bravo for every one of Them, I also want to commend Mr. Robin Tejeda Team Dominican Republic, who at all times acted Gentile and as a gentleman of Domino, demonstrating not only the strength of his game, but also necessary and sufficient education to represent their country so honorably.

Sorry for the delay in the issuance of these results, which was due to a number of limitations beyond my control? Until the next installment.

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