sábado, 3 de julio de 2010


Dear Friends, came the expected time, the Board of the "FVD" is convening an Extraordinary General Assembly, with the objective of modifying part of the Statutes and Regulations Governing the Domino Venezuela, the date will be 16 and 17 July, with its headquarters in the Club Campestre de Paracotos Miranda State.

The time is ripe to ask the delegates of the Associations, clear proposals that would benefit the athletes, I believe prudent to highlight a popular cry I've been listening since I was Technical Director of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino, which every year is repeated again and again, think about it definitively, the eradication of the following Articles of the Constitution and Bylaws of the "FVD. I should clarify that I searched the item number and could not find it, I guess it was a Board Resolution, which is valid for you just applied in Las Vegas USA, which I describe below:

Athletes must submit to the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "VSF" 40% of what they receive in cash, by way of International Competition Awards in all, this article is absolutely despised by the athletes in general, as it responds to situations completely "Leonine" and lacking in any sense, because the Federation is that economic profit through the efforts of athlete, in any case should profit from the medal and / or medal obtained by the Athlete and not with the money earned by it.

Prudent to also consider eradicating Article corresponding to the participation of athletes (national team and NO SELECTION NAT), in international competition, because if any of these rises to the podium, gives the picture as if it were a competition for Federated National Ranking of course this is at a disadvantage for those who do not have the resources and fund their travel to participate in the International Competition, in a nutshell the spirit of the Standard does not benefit the minority, must always be for the majority, therefore appropriate to consider the elimination of this article.

Again I must emphasize on a popular outcry that we have been experiencing, such as "Sports Facilities", even when going to continue to bear the indifference in this regard, the rooms where they play a National Competition should be closed, have air conditioning, bathrooms Clean with water and continued attention, Hydration Free, Security for the athletes and their vehicles, escape routes available in cases of emergency, in order absolute protection in all respects and comfort to the maximum, since we are talking about a nine-day ( 9) hours, if not get a room that meets the required characteristics, well just not do the Competition.

Finally I made blunt with something I hate the most, because I think prudent opportunity to create a direct article for "SENER" that tarnish the Domino Venezolano, look how despicable and leave beyond National Jurisdiction, no We can not and should follow with his eyes closed and waiting for miracles that will not arrive, take the bull by the horns and proceed in terms of welfare Dominocistas most of the country, do not really give the Domino Venezuelan disgust. I must also emphasize that the example they're taking all the Associations of the Country, there are few Signs that do, I really feel sorry others have to say it, but until Gentlemen, and laugh at the cards they draw, the called the Traffic Light of FVD, if you want to minimize this aspect should Instantiating properly. Until the next installment.

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