domingo, 18 de julio de 2010

Results of the National Mixed Pairs Championship.

Dear Friends, as planned on Saturday 07/17/1910 at Country Club Facilities Paracotos Miranda State, was made one of the most beautiful Tournament Calendar Federated Domino, such as the "National Championship Mixed Pairs ", bringing a total of 162 couples in total, for those who doubt the participation of Venezuelan women in this wonderful game, we see growth not only in this sense, but also the great enthusiasm by the participating couples.

We highlight below the order of Ten (10) first places:

1. Oro para Ana María Martínez - Pedro Carbone / Carabobo
2. Plata para Flor Lozada - Jorge Luis Arias / Miranda
3. Bronce para Yolimar Guevara - Pascual Darbisi / Miranda
4. Lina Guevara - Carlos Marquina, / Miranda
5. Ana Suárez - José Rodríguez / Miranda
6. Mirla Blondell - José Marcano / Bolívar
7. Vanessa Carrillo - Carlos Rodríguez / Miranda
8. Danny Espinoza - Nelson Gutiérrez / Miranda
9. Idolina Velásquez - Bulmaro Gómez / Delta Amacuro
10. Nancy Itanare / Juan Villeta / Miranda.

Also I have the immense pride of shares which the Assembly of Delegates approved the inclusion from 2011, The National Mixed Team Championship, it was worth striving to achieve this wonderful achievement that will undoubtedly be "The Classic of Domino Venezolano" , also adopted amendments to the Rules of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "VSF", as was the elimination of Guest achieved by athletes in international competition and take away 40% Athlete Awards made in cash, we're obviously a tangible progress in the Venezuelan Domino, congratulations to the Assembly of Delegates and the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Federation of Domino "FDV". Útil the next installment.

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