lunes, 12 de julio de 2010


Friends, as expected on Saturday July 10 at the premises of the Asturian Center, was played the final of the "2010 Friendship Cup VII, where we get confused between Teams and Friends to celebrate this beautiful tribute to the Club and its Members, the truth of the case was that the team "La Polla de Los Lunes" of the First Division, lost his Triple Crown opportunity and take forever Beautiful Friendship Cup, coming in second place, the triumph Pan accounted Team Sugar, who won for the first time such a distinction.

In this regard I will not publish or qualify at all the results, I just think that the Honorable Board of the Inter Clubs Domino League of the Capital District and Miranda State, will have to take action in the matter, otherwise clubs will be removed, we have come to llegadero Trap took over in all directions and in all sectors, I am speaking, I mean: Sener, who make Signs and play order and asked, those aircraft, marking the sheets and Finally those who do not deliver the results of the previous nights time, so no one knows which individual numbers are certain the event, in short it is regrettable to where we are in a hobby where we have rather to provide a share of money for participate, without any cash or cash awards, trophies and medals only, which seek to destroy it Domino?.

I'm not in condition to bring to the Winners of the event, nor those of the Second Division, much less those of the First Division Trophy with a warning that I received my dear companion Wilmer Prada, but such is the disappointment that I did not really publish the final results, I repeat I lived really sad and embarrassing moments with everything that happened.

I also have to make the reservation that not all teams operate under this embarrassing and abhorrent training, but you can not really praise echoing a Day or unfortunate as the situation experienced by the Great Dominocistas Caracas.

Finally give up my Congratulations on the Organization and Logistics deployed throughout the event by the Honorable Board of the Inter League Club Clubs and participants who bravely endured the experiences described in this article, but I think we must all together and heavy hand, to minimize this scourge is eating us increasingly. Greetings to all and the next delivery.

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