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Golden Rules of Domino - Table of Deceit / Table to Footer / Table of Death.

Dear Friends, I published this letter on Thursday, March 27, 2008, and I have watched as good players keep repeating in Domino and others with less skills, so I would rewrite it and publish it to upgrade to all Persons who have not had the time or the intention of examining and loved reading this Blog.

Definitely the game of dominoes has been characterized by the way it is captivating more and more addicts, to analyze the argument of this reasoning, we find that this entirely without limitations, since it is one of the few games that exercise practice, it does not take certain ages, sexes, social status, educational level, enclosures or special courts, associated costs, in order without limitation of any kind.

In Venezuela, this game goes back many years, I would say unequivocally that it is the real Recreation of the Majority. On this exciting game, I must admit that great and good friends have written books, columns, articles from many and varied opinions, which in some cases it may well be regarded as clearly defined concepts, the latter perhaps let me violate one of the most popular ones is the aptly named "TABLE TO DEATH." This action also called "TABLE TO PIE" is one of the most dangerous Played this game since I've been watching as repeatedly running and the worst in high-level players, I dare say that of 100 pictures given lost 95, so do not hesitate to qualify as one of the dirty tricks of the entertainment and so the call "TABLE TO PIE" is one of the most dangerous Played this game since I've been watching as repeatedly running and the worst in high-level players, I dare say that 100 boxes were given lost 95, so do not hesitate to qualify as one of the dirty tricks of the entertainment and that's why I call "THE TABLE OF DECEPTION" It's incredible how hands which in theory would lose the couple clothing contrary, (I should clarify that these statements and concepts, apply Players with defined methods and that all these methods, are based solely on the thought), then let me explain the reasons underlying me to assert this argument, as well as when to run this "TABLE OF DECEPTION" and why:

Knowledge of the foot Disadvantages Table - Table of Death:
Usually this condition occurs as soon as you have a majority and on the first play of the Player "C". What characterizes as the square of Deception, as will appear to have control of the hand becoming aggressive and attack. However, my experience with it tells me is a table Malo or pessimistic, as defined violent and disadvantages outlined below:

01 .- It may be that it takes twice the salidor hair hand.

02 .- Intentionally Acelero the weakness of my game, because if I have that I'm mostly Squaring I have obviously fails or minority they are going to give, to punish my street.

03 .- Delay complete the initial development of the hand of my companion, and who usually can not reproduce the initial letter and if it is high (Games 4, 5 and 6), it's too bad the play, as the High game are respected, and with this kind of play through the game postponed high, this happens when the double is in the hands of Salidor ...

04 .- Maybe the stone with criminalizing salidor, is the violin of his companion or support of a majority stake and strength in the Player "C" which is why I will round up the entire development of the hand, canceling full development and strength of my hand and thus weakening the game of my companion.

05 .- Automatically I think a failure in my first game because I am punishing and squaring on the release of the opponent, no stone will be no defense, and speed up my original fault or weakness of my game.

Finally I conclude that this kind of play "box at the bottom", well known as the "Table of Death," is definitely misleading but mostly bad, as defined variants Salidora couple-friendly, whether they Salidor of the hand, has passed with the square.

But like all rules have their exceptions, the Domino is no exception to this axiom, then why define when this table should be:

2.1 .- When the Companion begins a thought that stone is not worn or natural failure of our game, obviously I would point to this chart below, I do not even think to repeat the letter began, since I have none of it, for Thus to repeat, I will be putting in the hands of majority or Salidor could also call as "Violin Escondido." This reasoning applies only to players in Methods, ie playing with the thought.

2.2 .- When you do not have any fault, ie still Squaring the Pie, we would be without failure. I must state emphatically that even giving the conditions described here, I've been losing hands definitely impossible to lose, so do not hesitate to qualify as "pictures of Deceit" and especially as a box Bad or very bad.

The expected response, to play when we have 4 stones initiated by the Player "C" with double included, since very simple: Put the Double and add up to anything, I assure you that dominate hand.

If we have three stones played by the Player "C", we would still remains poor majority and the Pie Chart.

If we only have two stones played by the Player "C", we are entering in the table defined as death and is listed as a Schedule to the foot and therefore bad and making it difficult to master and win the hand.

Roommate to play when we start a charter high and strong as we say we play methods because the Double simple lie down and watch as the Charter Fellow repeated play at the start of the hand, based on this observation, we will turn completely hand driving toward or against the stone started by the Sidekick and they are not twice the player who is giving the "C" for the Salidor add up, so your companion can repeat the initial stone (development of violin).

As a last remark of this game interesting alternative, I must say that this table gives the Player "D" and his first move, who is the obligation to realize the strength of the initial spins and conduction of the hand. Until the next installment, where we will continue talking about the Golden Rules of Dominó.

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