martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

New Members of the Men's National Team of Venezuela

Dear friends, I am very pleased to inform the Venezuelan and International Community Dominocistas, who incorporated the next year 2,011 new Pre Venezuela National Team in Men (Player Twenty First National Ranking).

In that sense before welcoming the New Domino representatives and defenders of our country, appreciate the great effort made by each and every one of the Members of Outgoing National Team, who gave their best efforts in seeking to defend and to fly to all corners of the world our beautiful Tricolor Patriotic especially to Athletes: TONY SAMAT, JORGE BRITO, leavers Venezuela National Team, having been part of the team which won Bronze Medal in the VII World Team Championship in Punta Cana 2010."

So I say way as it did last year, thank you thank you very much to each and every one you and we continue to see in the national events and I'm pretty sure that they will remain "National Team of Venezuela" in their hearts and their ideals, Thanks again friends, it always did and gave the best of each of you.

Following are the results of the National Ranking Venezuela, first twenty (20) locations:

01 Lugar – Carlos Marquina / Cédula de Identidad 13.472.864 / Estado Miranda.
02 Lugar – Jorge Luis Arias / Cédula de Identidad 3.560.920 / Estado Miranda.
03 Lugar – Alonzo Rodríguez / Cédula de Identidad 16.442.075 / Estado Miranda.
04 Lugar – Wilmer Prada / Cédula de Identidad 9.482.855 / Estado Miranda.
05 Lugar – Eleazar Bastardo / Cédula de Identidad 5.488.314 / Estado Aragua.
06 Lugar – Pascual Darbisi / Cédula de Identidad 6.334.675 / Estado Miranda.
07 Lugar – Alexander Cordero / Cédula de Identidad 10.346.483 / Estado Miranda.
08 Lugar – Francisco Oyarzábal / Cédula de Identidad 4.678.059 / Estado Miranda.
09 Lugar – William Ríos Felce / Cédula de Identidad 3.177.702 / Estado Miranda.
10 Lugar – Miguel Rodríguez / Cédula de Identidad 13.788.839 / Estado Anzoátegui.
11 Lugar – Carlos Salgado / Cédula de Identidad 17.330.251 / Estado Cojedes.
12 Lugar – Edgar Rodríguez / Cédula de Identidad 84.409.268 / Estado Miranda.
13 Lugar – Ramón Suárez / Cédula de Identidad 15.102.509 / Estado Cojedes.
14 Lugar – Rafael Hernández / Cédula de Identidad 5.103.593 / Estado Aragua.
15 Lugar – Jhon Celis / Cédula de Identidad 23.694.635 / Estado Miranda.
16 Lugar – Jorge Marcano / Cédula de Identidad 12.005.748 / Estado Bolívar.
17 Lugar – Rommel Mejías / Cédula de Identidad 8.672.154 / Estado Cojedes.
18 Lugar – Alexander Pérez / Cédula de Identidad 12.860.190 / Estado Cojedes.
19 Lugar – José Alejandro Díaz / Cédula de Identidad 16.007.665 / Estado Miranda.
20 Lugar – Edwar Pérez / Cédula de identidad 10.827.125 / Estado Cojedes.

To heartily congratulate the new members of the Pre Venezuelan Domino Selection, I remember the great responsibility you have just bought, with pride and distinction defend the Fatherland Tricolor, every corner where we touch attend as the Venezuelan National Dominoes.

I also congratulate all the leaders of associations, especially in the Miranda State who holds the largest number of Members with eleven (11) Athletes in the top twenty (20) National Ranking positions, followed by the State Association Cojedes which will be represented by five (05) Athletes, Aragua State with Two (02) Athletes, Anzoátegui State A (01) Athlete, and special mention to the Bolivar state, because for the first time, a (01 ) Members of the State, has the honor of being part of the Pre Venezuela National Team, welcome and congratulations to all who had the honor of Repeat for the second consecutive year the Venezuela National Team, Friends, and we have the experience International Competitions, now strive to make this year we do our best. Until the next installment.

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