domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Reflection Christmas Message for My Dear Readers

Despite the difficult times that we passed in 2010, but especially in the month of December, where it seemed that Nature was merciless with our geography, triggering showers unimaginable because rainfall in two days what usually happens reached for a month, leaving any number of victims far and wide across the national territory, filling our homes Grief for loss of Human Children, Seniors, Women and Men, incalculable damage, in our homes, our Roadways, our levees and dams, in order in the most precious of our infrastructure as a country, however as if this were not enough, many of us have our children Abroad, they have had to be opened road looking for new Borders leaving their fond and beautiful memories, having to make the decision to say no return, stay where you are, still good, have faith and hope that this situation will normalize soon, we pray together God Child illuminated the world but especially that one to Families, 2011 to achieve a fully promising future filled with hope, where dreams and opportunities are realized, where peace prospers, which minimize the robberies and attacks against life, where justice is blind and proceed as expected, where the effort is rewarding, where the medical facilities are equipped with medicines, especially equipment and skilled personnel to care for our health, where the policy is minimized, where corruption is eradicated, where our rulers understand once and for all "THAT VENEZUELA IS OVER AND ALL IS".

Friends when this happens we have a country located in northern South America, but not only for its geographical location, but also for its people, its riches, its intellect, its culture, its desire to grow and to rank among the world's economic powers, the beloved Venezuela is so generous that has endured all the damage they have done their business Politicians, in Agriculture, in Livestock, its basic industries, and yet our soils are so noble, that continue to Oil, Gold and Precious Stones, Iron, Bauxite, Uranium, as if this were not enough, we have a huge potential for tourism because our geography is Sites and landscapes filled with good management would achieve the Tourism Economic base to achieve the sustained growth of our peoples, in order that but I can tell, all who live in this beautiful Earth we know well our invaluable natural resources.

Gentlemen, I read the idea was to give a New Year message and especially Christmas, I went too far, but even when we keep holding our punishment stoically, Venezuela no longer resist more, he is tired, he wants rebel against both damage taken by their rulers. Sorry these heartfelt words, but it really won me the desire to express them.

Heart I wish without exception or distinction of class, creed, sex, Politicians, Friends, Enemies free, finally everyone a "Merry Christmas and successful 2011, God Bless and our beloved Cruz del Ávila, comes all your homes and stay forever and always lit, our children who are distant in other countries, may God Protect, care and bless you always will be until next year (2011) if God so allows and gives us life, to the next installment.
(Cruz del Ávila)

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