martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

New Members of the Venezuelan National Team in Women (top 20 National Ranking).

Dear friends, I am very pleased to inform the Venezuelan and International Dominocistas Community, who shall constitute for the new coming year 2011 Pre National Team of Venezuela in Women (Twenty First National ranked players).

In that sense before welcoming the New Domino representatives and defenders of our country, appreciate the wonderful effort made by each and every one of the Members of the National Team Outgoing, who gave their best efforts in seeking to defend and fly to all corners of the world our beautiful Tricolor Patriot, so I say way as it did last year, thank you thank you very much to each and every one of my girls as I say and we continue to see in the national events and I'm pretty sure that they will remain "National Team of Venezuela" in their hearts and their ideals, again Thank you guys, you always did and gave the best of each one of you.

I want to tell the world and especially to my countrymen, that the National Team of Venezuela in Women, has three (03) consecutive years being World Champion, these events were staged in World: Havana - Cuba Year 2007, Caracas - Venezuela Year 2008 , Panama Year 2009 and in 2010 unfortunately the International Domino Federation "FID", made no Women's World Championship, but I guarantee that the Ladies of Venezuela would have done it again.

I also am very pleased to tell the World, Women Venezolana addition to being recognized for their beauty, these wonderful ladies Domino, has been demonstrating a dominant role at international level for its strength and quality of play.

Following are the results for the National Ranking of Twenty (20) First place:

01 Lugar - Yolimar Guevara / Cédula de Identidad 5.608138 / Estado Miranda.
02 Lugar - Flor Lozada / Cédula de Identidad 11.275.598 / Estado Miranda.
03 Lugar - Arianni Figueroa / Cédula de Identidad 10.506.179 / Estado Anzoátegui.
04 Lugar - Lucymar Gamboa M. / Cédula de Identidad 10.352.208 / Estado Miranda.
05 Lugar - Liris Pérez / Cédula de Identidad 3.399.620 / Estado Miranda.
06 Lugar - Dulce Ruiz / Cédula de Identidad 2.759.986 / Estado Miranda.
07 Lugar - Jazmín Mijares / Cédula de Identidad 8.302.980 / Estado Anzoátegui.
08 Lugar - Lina Guevara / Cédula de Identidad 8.865.676 / Estado Miranda.
09 Lugar - Ligia Romero / Cédula de Identidad 5.800.980 / Estado Miranda.
10 Lugar - Liuris Maita / Cédula de Identidad 13.788.839 / Estado Anzoátegui.
11 Lugar - Ingrid Barrios / Cédula de Identidad 8.341.378 / Estado Anzoátegui.
12 Lugar - Maribel Linares / Cédula de Identidad 4.362.281 / Estado Miranda.
13 Lugar - Verónica Armas / Cédula de Identidad 17.458.485 / Estado Aragua.
14 Lugar - Patrizia Rosciano / Cédula de Identidad 5.533.954 / Dtto. Capital.
15 Lugar - Felicidad Jardín / Cédula de Identidad 81.374.437 / Dtto. Capital.
16 Lugar - Thalua Costa M. / Cédula de Identidad 10.324.479 / Estado Cojedes.
17 Lugar - Mariela Jiménez / Cédula de Identidad 10.537.410 / Estado Cojedes.
18 Lugar - Belitza Rodríguez / Cédula de Identidad 8.578.410 / Aragua.
19 Lugar - Mauri Blanco / Cédula de Identidad 10.289.102 / Estado Anzoátegui.
20 Lugar - Zully Perdomo / Cédula de identidad 7.189.458 / Estado Aragua.

To heartily congratulate these wonderful ladies Venezuelan Domino, I remember that on his shoulders falls the great responsibility of defending the World Championship reached in Panama City this year (2009), since, as I said I have the firm conviction that will do so really the potential of these athletes is definitely admirable.

In the next letter will report the results of the Men's National Ranking, ie, the New National Team Pre Venezuela. Until the next installment.

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